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The invitation: Weave Playfulness & Awareness Practices, until the 2 R 1

1: Be The Pole In the Dancer.  (5 minute to Infinity) 

Dance your world into being, express your love through the art & instrument of your being. Overflow which joy / pain, move & emotions transform. E-motions = Energy in Motion. 

Yoga is Union with the divine. And it is an offshoot of Tantra. Tantra is the mother, Yoga is the son ! The Inner Marriage union, occurs when integrating both, seemingly contradictory, aspects. Both are essential for the benefit & thriving of the HumanDivine Being, after all, we are on the plane of existence as “Human Animal” & of the Cosmos, “Human Spiritual”. 

Shiva is consciousness, awareness, the Masculine aspect of our being, cognitive, Our Eternal essence/ that which never changes, has no beginning nor end, origins of ideas, pure spacious clarity. 

Shakti is energy, sound, everything that changes, all phenomena: thoughts, feelings, emotions, experience, the Feminine aspect of our being, creative & destructive power of manifestation in this plane of existence. 

The beloved other, is our mirror. When we celebrate them shining with magnificence, we become that. 

Traditionally Shiva / Masculine aspect, is depicted as the prone “corpse”, laying on the floor, as Shakti Kali, the all powerful feminine powers of creation & destruction, is dancing over him. Shiva in fact is in deep meditation, dreaming existence into being. Shakti is the dancer dancing the world into manifested creation. She is like the pole dancer / Shiva is the pole. Shiva is the platform/stage upon which all can arise, through Shakti. 

Remember: You are NO-THING but a stage name for the divine. Dance your love, joy, hopes & aspirations. Surrender yourself as an instrument of the divine, make love to existence with your breath, your whole being. It is your offering, honouring pure consciousness, That which has no beginning nor end. 

Dancing with the beloved, let go of any identification of the “who” that you think you are. Move the body, use the breath. Allow yourself to be intoxicated by life/existence. Suddenly letting go of the boundaries of the body, where your energy is merging with all that is, where you do not know where your body begins and ends. Where you are like clouds in the vastness of the sky. 

2 Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minute to Infinity)

2.1 Shhhh-iii-Vahhh: whisper Shiva, as the breath of life

2.2 Shhhh – Ahhh – Llll- Ommmm : Shalom (Peace) Sh – sound of silence, Ah – Opens the heart, Lll – Connects to awareness, activates 3rd eye / pineal gland, Om – Sound of the whole Universe.

2.3 Saa-Ahh-lam : Salam (Peace) Sa – Purifying sound, Ah – Opens heart, Lam – Worlds/first chakra seed syllable


Do share with us your love success, 

Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach

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