Welcome! We look forward to being with you in the circle! Hanna Tantra Coach, international School of tantra, are pleased to have you join us on what is sure to be an empowering journey of transformation. Here are some practical details and forms that needs to be completed. Student Information Form—to be completed and emailed to hannatantra@gmail.com prior to your arrival/participation.

Agreement Field Consent Form—to be reviewed prior to your participation. If there are any items on this form that you do not wish to consent to, please check in with the teaching staff before confirming your attendance. All participants must come into alignment with the agreement field in order to create the container necessary for this transformational work.

How to Prepare:

Please give some thought to your desires and intentions for this course. If you haven’t already done so, please purchase and read, All students are asked to read these books to enhance the training:

  • ‘ Tantric Quest’ by Daniel Odier, A story of a French man discovering Tantra in India.
  • ‘The Jewel in the Lotus’ by Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha, Practical Tantra yoga book, important support for the Cosmic Cobra Breath.
  • ‘Tantric Awakening’ by Valery Brooks, a woman’s tantric journey in the west.

Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. We reserve the right to refuse admittance and or ask you to leave at any point before or during a workshop.
  2. If you have booked a specific workshop and are unable to attend, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.
  3. These workshops are for people who are well, they can cause extreme emotions.  If you are concerned about your ability to cope with this then please consult your doctor.  You are responsible for your own wellbeing before, during and after the event.
  4. The workshops are for people aged 18 and over.  If you want to book and you are under 18 years of age you will need to provide proof of parents permission.
  5. When you book a coaching or individual session with Hanna Tantra, the booking slot is provisional until confirmed as the booking slots are not live slots.
  6. Online courses and other services are non-refundable. It is, however, possible to transfer one service/product with another. Please contact us at hannatantra@gmail.com, if you changed your mind and want to change one service/product with another.

Additional Student Agreements – Evening Meditation

What to bring with you:

Temperatures vary seasonally, so bring layers.
We will be sitting on the floor, dancing, moving, breathing:

  • wear loose, comfortable clothes that you feel good in
  • journal/notebook and pen
  • water bottle, cups will not be tolerated due to spillage
  • special back support if you need it or backjacks
  • Open Mind and Heart !

What to expect:

In the evenings: sessions starting at 7.00pm until completion 10pm for full day workshops and longer events see schedule and what to bring list which will be emailed to you.

  1. I agree to breathe, to feel, to be present and to be authentic.
  2. I agree to maintain confidentiality. This means not disclosing any individual’s identities, stories, and experiences.
  3. I am free to speak about my own experience in the training.
  4. I agree to show up for class each day at the agreed upon time for the duration of the training.
  5. I understand that everything that occurs during this training (from opening circle to closing circle) is part of the transformational process of the event.
  6. I agree to request support, guidance and help when I desire it.
  7. I agree to be coachable. This means that I am open to feedback and direction.
  8. I agree to ask for 100% of what I desire, using clear and direct requests.
  9. I agree to take 100% responsibility for the nature of my experience.
  10. The course is designed to awaken powerful emotional energies.
  11. I agree to use the tools being taught to process these emotions.
  12. I agree to refrain from drugs and alcohol during the training.
  13. If at any time I feel that the training is not appropriate for me or I wish to leave the training.
  14. I agree bring my concerns directly to the course instructors.
  15. I agree to refrain from using the material learnt at these training in a commercial manner and abstain prior consent from “Hanna Tantra Coach” to approve passing the teachings on.
  16. I understand that these teachings take time to integrate and will benefit every aspect of my life and I will allow myself the integration and assimilation time to comprehend the magnitude of the teachings and embrace the changes in my life.
  17. I understand that if I break these agreements, I may be compromising the value I could receive from this training.
  18. I acknowledge that I am / not (please delete if appropriate) a member of the media. Any article or posting I may publish are with the prior consent of “Hanna Tantra Coach”. Any social media and personal disclosure and publication.
  19. I consent to only share about my own experience. I will NOT disclose the identity of other participants, only my own experience.
  20. I will refrain from sharing the structures, I have experienced, only share what I felt.

_______________________________ _ Printed Name Date
________________________________ Signature (You can email your details stating you are in agreement of these conditions.

Upon arrival you will be able to sign the form if this is your preference)
Participant Contact Information Name:
Spiritual Name:
Cell Phone:
Home Phone:
Emergency Contact Name and Number stating Relationship:

“Hanna Tantra Coach” Application Form: Thanks for considering developing your calling as a Tantric practitioner or a Spiritual Sexual Practitioner. Please answer the following questions to help us get to know you and the path that has led you here.

1.) Why do you wish to participate in the following event: (please delete as appropriate)
Evening Meditation / Day workshop / Singles Training / Couples Training /
Massage workshop / Cobra Breath workshop / Spiritual Cookery workshop
Tantric Healing Workshops
Any Other Suggestions -Please Specify

2.) Some people take this training for their own personal enrichment, healing and spiritual awakening/enlightenment, while others are interested in developing a profession as a Tantrikas, Educators, Daka/Dakini Sacred Sexual Practitioner or other. How do you intend to apply the understanding you gain from attending this training?

3.) What experience do you have (if any) as a practitioner of Tantra / sexual healing work? Please continue overleaf if needed (on the other side of this page)

4.) What experience do you have (if any) as a practitioner of other modalities of healing work?

5.) What experience do you have (if any) receiving your own Psychological / Spiritual / Tantric journey / sexual healing work?

6.) What forms of personal growth work have you undertaken in your life? Such as therapy, seminars, yogic training, etc. Continue on a separate page if necessary.

7.) Please share any recent major life events–deaths, break ups, trauma, business/career changes or any other emotional transitions. If you are not sure whether or not to include something, please do! (We ask for this information because it helps us to hold a better container for our students as they move through this work.) If you are on any medications or current treatments make sure you note down. Please use other side for more information.

Copyright & Restrictions

All information, handouts, product and materials pertaining to the workshop or session remain the Sole Property of Hanna Tantra and must not be duplicated or transmitted in any way without the prior written consent