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“Every Student Feels Accepted & Valued” by Relationship & Intimacy Coach Noga Tamir

“By your side (the reader), is a teacher who is a queen & every student feels accepted & valued.

(Hanna) You are a wise leader, strengthening the being as a heterogeneous (inclusive & diverse) whole that creates uniformity with (their) life’s mission.

There are no words to cherish your powerful presence in my life & our lives”

Noga Tamir, Relationship & Intimacy Coach.

Meet at a Soul level. Reach a new level of joy & self expression in my life & career

“It was through befriending Hanna that night that I was given a first hand experience of what it meant to take a “leap of faith”. That night I was made aware that NYC is where I needed to be at the time to reach a new level of joy and self expression in my life and career. I know she can help you find the same. I highly recommend checking out Hanna’s work. Thank You Hanna for the inspiring work.

My Soul yearned to be around people who felt they too were consciously undergoing an awakening process. One day, a group…popped up. Soon I found myself sitting in an…circle on the 2nd floor of Namaste book store in Manhattan. We were given a talk from one of the groups facilitators on relationships.

During the talk a woman sat down to my left. She looked at me and smiled. I had the sense she was not an ordinary guest. As the formalities subsided she was finally introduced as Hanna Tantra Katz , a teacher of the ancient art of Tantra, and that she would be giving us a sample of her work should we decide to stay. I did.

A meeting that previously felt like your first day of elementary school turned into a physical, experiential and sometimes confronting experience. Hanna made us look at each other, feel each others energy. She encouraged us to break through our socially inherited mental conditioning and meet one another at a Soul level Here and Now.”

Adam Jaslikowski. Performer, Magician. NY, 11 Jan 2021

Adam Jaslikowski. Performer, Magician. NY, 11 Jan 2021

A lot of magic everywhere the week after…

Thank you for the (Singles Tantra Magic) workshop, there was a lot of magic everywhere the week after. I started to see differently how the energy flow transform & change shape & color, that’s amazing.” D.R. 30th Dec 2020

I felt like I was in heaven !

“Thank you for the wonderful session today. We are married for 15 years, and have younger kids. I felt like I was in heaven.” R&R

Absolutely loved it !

“My husband and I absolutely loved your lovely program today. We enjoyed bonding with each other, sharing gratitude for each other, making our symbol together, and more. We would love to participate in future tantric programs that you offer. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful approach with us and others.” J&J 30th Dec 2020

Soul journeys…deep & profound (Singles & Couples events)

“Her online workshops are like soul journeys in which one goes really deep and has profound experiences. I learned in these sessions a lot of interesting techniques to use as daily practices. Hanna is very positive, encouraging, patient & stimulating, it is & big fun to attend her classes. Hanna is the best Tantra teacher I have met up to now. She is fully dedicated to Tantra & has a great knowledge about techniques in Tantra.” Tony S. Stuttgart. (Couples & Singles events)

I turned into a “magician”!

“I got out of 1 meditation more then I got out of the 7 months shamanic course! Its like I turned into a “magician”, like I had control over the oceans”. Wonderfully intense, so powerful visceral energy in my body, I didn’t know I could hold that…Touching those places that are just really knowing the depth of my own self. You asked how much pleasure can I allow myself to have?…Wow, thank you for asking that.

“L.M. 5th Dec 2020 vt Yes To Life Tantra Magic Training.

I feel freer to be me !

“I just wanted to thank you for a truly special very deep & foundation shaking shaking session on Saturday evening. It was incredibly deep…but also enlivening so. After the session I sat down on the sofa and fell asleep, the best bit being how I felt on waking. I feel freer to be me, more open & self accepting of my self as a woman. The feelings are still building & I’m looking forward to seeing how I develop as this course progresses. Thank you so so much. I will be doing my homework and continuing with the Mantras you have taught me. Thank you again lots of love” R.S.

Energy & Transcendence like nothing before, S2xier & love bonding by Se%ology Dr.

S£xology Dr. testimonial: “On our first session I experienced emotions energy & Transcendence like nothing before & felt s@xier. The joining of my partner energy & my energy felt like a circle of love bonding & appreciation.”

The full version: “Dear Hanna, I was looking for Tantra teacher for 20 yrs. I run into you 13 years ago & it was instant connection. I realized I found The One. The one I was looking for. It took another 7years, When the students are ready the teacher arrive. You did ! As a Dr. of Human S£xuality I’ve been around the world of er@tica, s£x, s£xuality for more than 20 years from different angles of this amazing fascinating world. On our first session I experienced emotions energy & Transcendence like nothing before.I cried I laughed I org@smed & felt s£xier. The joining of my partner energy & my energy felt like a circle of love bonding & appreciation. You are an amazing Goddess teacher with lots of knowledge information & intuition. We are both waiting to our next session with you. Thank you S@xPert. You Rock!” Dr. Iris Bettan, USA 10/11/20
Dr. Iris Bettan

Grace & Beauty

“Thank you my love. You don’t realize how much I love you. How fascinated and charmed I am with you, I see you as part of my great teachers in my private as well as professional life.Hannah, beloved,  You are One of the teachers full of knowledge I know. You teach with love and kind generosity. I love learning from you, and you know how to deliver the material with grace and lots of beauty. Thank you for everything and who you are for me.Loving and hugging” Efrat Bustan Shomer, Tantra Teacher, 5 June 2020


Efrat Bustan Shomer, Tantra Teacher,

Amazingly Special Rare Practices !

“Hanna’s best assets / advantages is her vast knowledge and rare practices she gives. The energy she builds is amazingly special. I did all these practices many time, I teach many of them myself, but still I get a special experience when I do it with Hanna’s guidance” Or Gal Tantra Yoga Teacher 26 May 2020

Or Gal

“We were one on a different plane” – Couples testimonial by Tantra Yoga Teachers

“Thank you for an amazing practice. I practice tantra many years, but I came to the workshop as a beginner, open to receive. At a certain moment I started to feel the goddess that I am – my god was honoring me and giving me love, whispering mantras all over me, worshiping me, and we were one on a different plane” Or Gal 28 May 2020

Or Gal
Or Gal

All I can say is WOW! 1-2-1 Transformational Coaching

“I’ve been working with Hanna for the past 2 months and all I can say is WOW! The way in which she holds the space for me each day, no matter the mood or space I’m in is super powerful. Hanna has an incredibly gentle way of listening to and supporting me, yet is able to truly bring out the best in me with a power and grace I’ve never experienced before. The transformation in myself the past two months has been quite profound, with me being able to shift my old habitual ways of being much, much faster than before I began working with her, thereby clearing the way for new and exciting things to come into my life.

If you’re looking for a coach who brings years of experience combined with an incredible depth of knowledge, love and compassion, then Hanna is exactly who you need to be working with!   Renée Stotz  19th February 2020

Magic Created @ Event by Kevin IBM Designer

Magic Created @ Event by Kevin IBM Designer

“You’re always an IL (Leader) at heart AND you’re special type of leader, you’re our spiritual teacher, our tantra goddess… you are the reason I’m here (international leader). You were such a big part in all of us being leaders”
“…honestly, I’ve started practising tantra with my partner…You were my first tantra teacher. Even at Landmark you stayed true to your tantric and spiritual nature and it’s so inspiring ❤❤❤” Chrissie obillo

Chrissie obillo

Professional Medical Doctor Gynaecologist and Sexologist Testimonial

My name is Olga, i’m a medical doctor gynaecologist and sexologist (Sex and couple therapist) from Argentina. I did many Tantra work shop with Hanna. All that a learnt was very useful for my personal live, and as well for my professional work. Tantra, as taught by Hanna, is very good in supporting intimacy and communication in the context of professional treatment. First of all IT is extremely useful for your personal growth. Dr. Olga Marega, Tandil, Argentina.

Dr. Olga Marega, Tandil, Argentina.

Tantric Wedding Ceremony Vortex !

Tantric Marriage Ceremony of the amazing beloved couple Roy Ratzon and Gaia Cohen Real honour and a privilege to be contributing to their lives. Conducted an intimate Tantric Marriage Ceremony, (a speciality). So profound, impacted all participants.

Special thanks to Shachar Caspi and Hadas Ofek, who have honoured me so much at their desert ceremony retreat and their marriage ceremony.

Special thanks for Eli Yaser for being an amazing friend, going out of his way to facilitate and enable miracles to occur naturally.

Experienced Profound Love in the World

“I completed one of Hanna’s courses at the London Tantra festival.
It was profound, what was really great was the energy I felt in the room at the time. I have felt rejection right through my life due to issues to do with early years, adoption and so on.
I have know for many years in my head  that this rejection was not entirely real,  but during Hanna’s course for the first time ever I got it in my heart that it wasn’t real. It was really an amazing experience…it was a profound experience of feeling love in the room and in the world..”
Mr. I. Professional , 22 June 2019
Mr. I

Testimonial by Sureya, Professional Nurse

“Wow” by Greg a Policy professional

My Relationship (with my) Wife Completely Different

After working with Hanna I literally experience my relationship (with my) wife completely different. The exercises she gave us were truly transformational. B

Hanna Single Handedly Saved My Marriage

Hanna single handedly saved my marriage with her wonderfully insightful and powerful coaching. B

“I believe in what I do and it works! ” Brazilian Tantra Teacher

“I love your work. I want to meet you personally, someday, and give you a big hug! Back to 2015, when I started my tantric research I found one of your videos on you tube. One you are in a library talking about tantra and connection. That was a simple video but without words, only by your gesture and attitude you taught me a lot about it. I’ve been studying tantra since then. I help many people with this kind of healing work. Nowadays I live in my hometown (in) Brazil. After some training I started to work with Tantric massages and courses, helping other to achieve higher states of consciousness. I believe in what I do and it works! “

Shivaram Saint Clair Cerqueira
Shivaram Saint Clair Cerqueira

Transformative and Beautiful – Couples Workshop

” Workshop with Hanna was very transformative and beautiful. She is giving her heart in her work. Me and my partner learned a lot. Much gratitude to you Hanna.”

Wrapped Around by Your Love

“You magical wholiness of Divine consciousness manifested. I hope your days are beautiful puzzled together by your aware hands. The attachment sent I found and when I saw it I was immediately wrapped around by your love. I wanted to share it with you. Just love.” P Tantra & Mindfulness Teacher. 

P Tantra & Mindfulness Teacher

Restored to Love ! By Sexual/Spiritual therapist/Leader

“It was amazing to come to your session last night! So outside of my comfort zone, so unlike anything I have done really… My soul got a lot though. I was restored to love which was beautiful and was able to let go of some hurt I was holding in my relationships – I heard in what you said about being the “wounded feminine” versus the “divine feminine,” that I am not defined by my perceived wounds and later, that nothing, and that is absolutely nothing can diminish me as love. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit. I feel so restored this morning, even though Kali was at her best last night, and ripped away the illusion that stood between me and a potential lover – at first I was shocked to discover who is being out in the world….and this morning, I laughed my head off. It was beautiful to drop it being about me and to see the ironic humour in its timing and in his misconception of himself as less than divine! I love this work so much…”

A. Sexual/Spiritual therapist/Leader

Breathing God Love ! Testimonial by T



Healing Therapy Session

“Hanna is a god-send. A truly amazing and transformative individual, I have got everything I need after just one session and it’s only the beginning. I am already using the life-changing tools that I have been shown and I feel elated and revived like never before. I am so grateful to the universe for sending her way ?” Ms A

Rain of Gifts

“Really rain of gifts for the new year
Your book is the smartest and most accurate book I have in the subject of Chakras” Or Gal Tantra Teacher

(and I have a lot)” ממש גשם של מתנות לכבוד השנה החדשה 🙂
הספר שלך הוא הספר הכי חכם ומדויק שיש לי בנושא הצ’אקרות (ויש לי הרבה)”


Feel So Special

“Thank you for making me feel so special at yesterday’s amazing session!” Ms. C.


“OUT OF THIS WORLD” Gift for Hallowing and Beyond: This Testimonial says it all ” Beloved Hanna – your workshop was out of this world amazing, I really connect with your deep knowledge and your way of teaching has a freedom to it that brought me so much joy. Keep your beautiful light shining” K.

Couples, Marriage & Relationships

“Thank you for your support Hanna.. I took on your advice and it worked.. the big difference was she did some work on herself as well this week and came to me to apologies..? we are both in marriage heaven today..???? Thank you!??” B.

Newcomers to Tantra Meditation Practices

“In my experience Tantra Meditation has allowed access to a greater level of : self worth, self esteem, confidence, spiritual connection, Love for myself and others, better relationship with myself and others.
So if you are looking to deepen your spiritual connection or you want to understand more about yourself or you want a greater feeling of being alive, then come along to this taster. I have had greater sense of self worth & belief in these practices, and it is actually doing rather than thinking ( i can’t often think my way out of a situation). So i wound highly recommend for you to invite your partners, friends or family to get a greater connection from within. or if you want to attract the right Kind of person into your life”. V.S. 

Tantra Evening Testimonial by Ms NN

“In my mind, tantra has always had a bad rap but what I experienced at Hanna’s workshop was something else. It was a safe space of connecting, honouring and valuing other human beings. There was nothing sleazy. Through a number of practices and Hanna’s masterful guidance I learned how to embrace ‘man’ – or Shiva – as truly wonderful people with personalities, vulnerabilities and inner power. I highly recommend attending.” NN

Tantra Festival

” Just a quick message to say thank you for the gift that you brought to the tantra Festival. It was sooooo good to see you there and participate in your wonderful workshop. You are a treasure! I am so happy and grateful that I have people like you in my life. I hope to see you again soon.
Love you lots! Big kiss!”


Maayana Shenhav

Maayana Shenhav
Writer, Reporter and Critic

Robert Mazure

Robert Mazure

Michal Maayan Don

Michal Maayan Don
Tantra Teacher

Or Gal

Or Gal
Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Theresa Cole

Theresa Cole
Actress and Theta Healer

Roy Ratzon

I practice Hanna’s teachings every single day since I know her for the last 5 and a half years.

I find Hanna’s work fascinating!
Her practical translation to tantra is the most accurate for me.
She dares to touch places where most teachers avoid.
Her work is very profound and affects all levels – the conscious, the subconscious, mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, spiritually, the personal, the transpersonal, you name it.
The embodyment of her trainings last for a very long time if not for eternity.
Hanna has such a vast experience and so much knowledge and techniques that each experience with her can provide trainings for several months!

I am very connected to Hanna.
Just being in her presence opens my consciousness and gives me a lot of inspiration and insights.
Most of my enlightenment moments were thanks to Hanna and her trainings.

As a tantra teacher and as a practitioner of personal development, I got the most from my trainings with Hanna more than any other teacher I experienced.

Working with Hanna made me a better facilitator, a better partner in life and in general a better person 🙂

Thank you Hanna!
I wish all to enjoy your gifts



Roy Ratzon
Tantra teacher

Dr Ben Shomer

Dr Ben Shomer
Ben & Efrat Touching Love

Melanie Knight

Melanie Knight
Knight Technical Consultancy


” I participated in Hanna’s workshop.
Very quickly I felt how much the knowledge, the practices and everything she teaches are embedded within her.
Hanna’s presence reflects how to play in and with life.
She is the screenwriter, the director and the lead actress in her own life.
This teaches to take 100% responsibility on our inner and outer worlds, and how to reclaim back our power.
Hope to experience more of her in the future. “


Kamil Lech

“So yesterday, as distanced as I could be, I went for a Tantra workshop. Doubtful, I walked into the class hoping that there will be more ladies than man, and I don’t have to practice with a man with huge mustache and heavy breath. And the main concern was not knowing what to expect, what is going to happen there?? OMG! I am going into a place and I have no idea what is going to happen!!

It happened that all people there had similar concerns, but within time and exercises that we did, everyone was discovering something for themselves. Space was sacred and it was alright not to do certain exercises.

But for me it was an evening of discoveries and wonders, discovery of appreciation, connectedness and amazing experience. Something that I thought no longer exist in the world (and I will keep it for myself) appeared in front of me, visible and tangible like a hand in front of your face. And it was touching and moving and freaking awesome!!

People who I met on the street later on, told me that I glow, that I have a first lover shine grin emoticon well do I?

Would I recommend it? YES! But don’t trust my word, check it out for yourself!

Thank you Hanna for organizing this workshop!”

Kamil Lech


“I didn’t know I’d lost it, until I found it again.” E



“Wow! You laugh, cry, shout, screem, moan – a whole host of emotions energies in one fantastic amazing inspiring workshop – bring on level 2!!” P.



“thank you for yet another amazing weekend…the most transformative… Thank you so much for your kind gentle supportive care during our times of struggle, I love each of your individual styles and felt very safe and looked after when things got tough.”


A & A

“A very profound life changing experience with some truly amazing moments of insight.

We met wonderful people from all over the world with a spiritual connection we felt between us all by the end of the workshop. Gorgeous food.

The teaching was incredible –tough and gentle at the same time.” A & A

A & A


” everyone that really loves their partner, and those who really want a partner, should experience this magical and transformative work for themselves and for their partnerships. Thank you Hanna – you are wonderful being. I couldn’t recommend highly enough…!”


A Couple

“Totally Awesome, mind-blowing, ecstatic, has been such a journey these last two days… participated in the most incredible meditations – which has left us both in such a deep & profound space. I feel so connected with A…, so totally in Love, we’ve met on so many levels.

I cant wait to go home & practice! This course has opened up the beginning of a journey we have both been longing to begin for a long long time!” N.

“I left feeling more deeply in love and in bliss with my partner then ever before. Fantastic!”


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Tantra is the Yoga of Relationships & Intimacy, with Ourselves and the Love Partner

Empowering and Liberating People to Thrive in Every Aspect of Life !

Enhancing Intimacy into Divine Communion, Creating Soul-Mates

Embodied Spirituality, Integrating Sensuality & Spirituality

Become Multi-Orgasmic In All Aspects Of Your Life

Experience Tantric Bliss, Ecstasy & Intimacy !

Transform Your Life & Relationships

Tantra is a Way of Being

The Gift of Love

Celebrating Life &

Honouring Sacred Sensuality

Honouring the Divine within Us

through Our Body & Senses & Love

It is Unity Consciousness & A Cosmology

Experiencing Ecstasy, Bliss & State of Grace

Embracing all Aspects & Expression of Our Being

The Art and Science of Our Divine-Design HumanUnity

Attaining A State of Being At One With All There Is, Here Now

These are Profound Practices of Weaving Energy & Consciousness

The body is a Divine Instrument to Realising/Manifesting All that You Are

Tantra Uses the Body, Breath, Mind, Sensuality, Energy, Awareness

The Body Is Honoured & Revered as The Temple of You Soul

Tantra Comprises Meditations, Breath, Movement, Rituals,

Bandhas, Mudras, Pranayam, Meditations & Maithuna

Honouring, Mantra, Yantra, Deduction, Invocation

Tantra is The Fastest Vehicle of Transformation

Transmuting, Transfiguring, Transcending

All From the Mundane Into The Divine

It is Liberation Through Expansion

Seducing the Powers of Nature

Healing, Loving, Connecting

Rising in Love & Intimacy

Living in Bliss & Grace

Unconditional Love

You Thriving !

Sufism is Tantric

Tibetan Buddhism Is Tantric

Yoga is an Offshoot of Tantra

Enhancing the quality of Our Life

In All Our Relationships, Love, Joy & Intimacy

His Holiness Dalai Lama Wrote a Book About Tantra

Through These Incredible Practices & Methods We Impact

Kabbalah Meaning Received Knowledge, is the Jewish Tantra

Every Aspect of Life can be a Doorway to Self Realisation / Actualisation

Zohar, Kabbalist Books, is the Splendour Divine Light of Our Being Shining Through

Alchemy is the Western Tantra Transforming Raw Energy Into Refined Expression of Love

Evolving Spiritually, Reconnecting to Our Authentic Selves Purpose, Existence & Love Partner

Accepting & Utilising All Aspects of Human nature: The Mind, Body, Senses, Sensuality & Emotions as a Doorway

The Merging of Shiva = God, Masculinity, Awareness, Direction & Shakti = Goddess, Feminine Energy, Sound, Creative Power

Private Coaching & Private Tantra Workshops