I salute the divinity within you


I salute the divinity within you

Namaste: The Way to Real Self Love

People often ask me “how can I love myself”?

Here is ONE of the easiest and basic practices in Tantra that produces the most profound effect that of self love. The side effect is a sudden realisation / manifestation of experiencing your own divinity, REALLY perceiving yourself as a divine God/Goddess.

The practice is very simple yet so profound which works on so many levels of your being, emotional, healing the wounds of the past, and self actualisation.

“Namaste” means: I Salute and Honour The Divinity Withing You / Myself, I acknowledge you / me as a manifestation of the Divine.

How to Honour Yourself and Others


Do an elaborate self Namaste daily for 42 days ! at least once a day, it can take only a few seconds. Repeating it as a Yoga practice to yourself, or in front of a mirror will speed up your process of evolution, self acceptance and suddenly you will feel wonderful ! The more you do it in a day, the faster the transformation from the mundane into the realm of the Divine.

This video demonstration below shows clearly the stages, though any Saluting and acknowledging of yourself daily as a divine incarnation will propel your Tantrik evolution, self esteem and experience of the world as One and a beautiful mirror reflection of yourSelf, as the Cosmos and All that is.

When we have dis-ease in our body, Namaste your body parts and internal organs, sending Love and Healing. This practice will eliminate that which we try so hard to resist and reject thus it persist until we acknowledge and release.

Thank you for whom you are.
Namaste, I honour the Divine Within You.