About Us

Empowering People to Thrive!

Hanna is Committed to Supporting You in a Safe, Empowering & Nurturing Way to Live a Fulfilling Life, Honouring Relationships & Explore Spirituality & Self Healing Methods.

All Hanna’s Workshops Use Safe, Powerful & Highly Effective Methods From Traditional Tantric Practices, Modern Psychology & Coaching

Hanna Actively Practice Tantric Way of Life, Pursuing Her Purpose to Empower & Liberate All, Creating a World Of Peace Form Human-Unity.

Hanna, Maha Kali Ma, has been practising Tantra for over 4 decades, bringing together a Unique Synthesis of Practices & Coaching, Ancient Authentic Tantra Kriya Yoga Practices & Kabbalist teachings Heritage, Sufi Meditations, Kundalini Yoga, Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism; Psycho-Sexual Therapy, Tai chi, Healing Methods & Initiating in the Cosmic Cobra Breath

Teaching Tantra since 1998 around the world: Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Greece, Holland, Israel, Mexico, New-Zealand, Poland, Spain, UK, USA: NY, Miami, California & more

Initiated by Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati, Bodhi Teja & Amber,

Hanna Tantra with Grand Master Suniyata Saraswati ! Teaching in Miami USA

The Original Cosmic Cobra Breath Initiator in the UK, Europe & Israel, Initiating in the Cosmic Cobra Breath Lineage of the Tantra Kriya Yoga From Babaji Naga Raj & Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati. Practiced healing Meditations for over 4 decades, Specialising in Psycho-Sexual Therapy, Relationship & Empowerment Coaching

Trained Extensively in Tantra, Kabbalah, Mantra & Meditation Since Early Age. Tantric Self Healing Mantras with Lama Gangchen, Shri Param Eswaram, Trained in Kabalah from Israel, Satmare Hungary, Miami & Costa Rica.

Produced  Ellipse Short Science Fiction Film See Clip Below

Produced The Groundbreaking set of DVDs in Tantric Healing-Massage for Lovers, See shop Page

Produced Mantra & Meditations Music see Free Stuff Page

A holistic RIBA qualified Architect & Reiki & Karuna Master,

Trained in Counselling & Colourpuncture / Colour Light Therapy & Tachyon Healing

University Lecturer, Programme Leader, Landmark Forum Communicator Manager & ExtraOrdinary Life Coach

See THRIVE 2 EMPOWER: Empowerment, Transformational Success Coach Website https://thrive2empower.com/