About Hanna

I transform lives and relationships

About Hanna

I transform lives and relationships

We are all about love and joy.

Tantra is not a religion, it is a practice in which we accept & use the nature of the mind, body, senses, sexuality and feelings to help us evolve spiritually. In this practice, we strive for emotions to be expressed appropriately & authentically.

Our Vision

We strive to be love and joy in everything that we do and we strive to meet the members of community who want to learn about the Tantric practices with love, kindness and openness. We understand that some of the topics we are dealing with on this website and in the teachings are sensitive to some and difficult for others to deal with. Our primary goal is to use the Tantric practices to elevate our experiences and skills of relating as human beings globally to much more positive, expanded and loving levels. Tantra teaches us how we can conduct energy consciously in our body that can lead to greater aliveness and connection to others; and these profound states of being can enable us to improving all of our relationships, which like ripples in the water will spread across the globe.

About Hanna Tantra aka Hanna Katz

Empowering People to Thrive!

Hanna has more than 40 years of spiritual practice & personal growth work with professional training in Tantra, Kabbalah, Coaching, Counseling, Psycho-Sexual Therapy, Reiki, Couples Therapy to EFT, as well as many years of authentic Tantra practice.

As a psycho-sexual therapist and relationship & empowerment coach, Hanna understands how to combine her spiritual and therapeutic skills in order to fully support someone’s process in accessing her/his own God/Goddess given skills to create more balance, joy & fulfillment in life.

Since 1998, she has been teaching Tantra globally in workshops and retreats and now online. For 20 years, she has been combining her vast Tantric experience with her psycho-sexual therapy background in her coaching work with individuals and couples. All of her workshops use safe, powerful & highly effective methods drawing from traditional Tantric practices, modern psychology & coaching.

Hanna is completely committed to supporting you in a safe, empowering & nurturing way to live a fulfilling life with honouring relationships in which it is safe to explore spirituality & self-healing methods.

She is based in London, UK. She has traveled extensively to do Initiations & workshops all over the world including Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Greece, Holland, Israel, Mexico, New-Zealand, Poland, Spain, UK, USA (NY, Miami, California) etc.

Spiritual Background

Hanna Katz-Jelfs, aka Maha Shakti Kali Ma is one of the leading and most significant among the hosts of Tantra schools in UK. Her book “Tantric Lovers: The Ultimate Guide: Making Your Relationship Last” was termed “108 shades of light”. It is a practical guide to how you can transform your life and your relationships, from ordinary mundane relationship into a truly divine communion. How you can become soul-mates with your love partner and experience ecstatic bliss in everyday life, and enhance your intimacy into a truly transcendent experience. Hanna has been teaching internationally since 1998. Specializing in the Tantra Kriya Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, healing, Chi-Kung, Reiki and Karuna Master and more. Born in Israel, lived in the UK since 1981. Hanna discovers the secret of Tantra in her early teens. She embodies the Cosmic Cobra Breath and has since walked the special path of Tantra Kriya Yoga to train and empower others.

  • Initiated by Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati, Bodhi Teja & Amber
  • The Original Cosmic Cobra Breath Initiator in the UK, Europe & Israel, Initiating in the Cosmic Cobra Breath Lineage of the Tantra Kriya Yoga From Babaji Naga Raj & Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati. Practiced healing Meditations for over 4 decades, Specialising in Psycho-Sexual Therapy, Relationship & Empowerment Coaching
  • Trained Extensively in Tantra, Kabbalah, Mantra & Meditation Since Early Age. Tantric Self Healing Mantras with Lama Gangchen, Shri Param Eswaram, Trained in Kabalah from Israel, Satmare Hungary, Miami & Costa Rica.


Hanna Tantra with Grand Master Suniyata Saraswati Teaching in Miami, USA