Tantric Healing Massage for Lovers

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Ever wondered how you can bring more intimacy and excitement into the bedroom of your relationship?

Yes, even if you think the spark between you has dwindled, there is a whole new level for you to explore with your partner.

Tantra can help dial up your sex life to its divine potential.

Do you wish you could dial back time and return to the time you first fell in love and couldn’t get enough of each other in the bedroom? Have you hit a wall in your relationship where spending time on lovemaking just doesn’t seem as important?

Are you starting to doubt whether you are with the right person because the passion has dwindled?

Are you starting to think that it’s normal that the passion between two people can’t stay alive for a long time, that it’s ‘normal’ that a relationship eventually turns into a friendship.

Perhaps you’ve experienced how your grand parents’ relationship functioned when you were a kid or even your parents with very little or no display of affection. Perhaps you would feel embarrassed or even cringe when your parents displayed real affection toward each other in public. Maybe passion and affection wasn’t regarded as something natural in your family and was hidden away…

I am sure you can relate in some way, right?

Here’s the thing though, just because we didn’t learn about how to nurture intimate relationships in school or at home, doesn’t mean that ‘normal’ is our only option.

We just have to look elsewhere, outside the box so to speak to create a new normal. You can take your relationship to a whole new level with some very specific tools and practices in this experiential online programme.

I invite to think about what your relationship would look and feel like if

  • you could dramatically change the way you see and feel about your partner and

  • your sex life was back to how it was when you first met.

What would such profound changes mean for you and your relationship?

Having fulfilling and intimate relationships in our life matters whether we want to admit it or not. When we honour ourselves and others as the physical embodiment of the divine, we nourish our hearts’ yearnings. When we open up to new realms of passions in our lovemaking, we awaken to the true essence of our being. Tantra teaches us to become the choreographer of our life and how to utilise our Goddess-given energy, and make our lovemaking a divine communion that will transform every aspect of our life into a transcendent, blissful experience beyond time and space.

Working as a relationship and life coach for the past 4 decades, I have found that deep down our primary motivation is that we want to be loved and to show love. It doesn’t matter whether we are a man or a woman, we all want to share our love and experience intimacy. The quickest way to revive a deep connection is through sacred sexual interaction.

We all want to be loved and touched.

My unique approach, based on years of research into human behaviour, ontology and psychotherapy, covers the mind, heart and spiritual aspects of our being.

When all three are integrated in a practice, we can truly excel in life.

By adding Tantric practices to this experiential cocktail of uncovering what we don’t know about ourselves, to rediscovering who we are and connecting from a place of heartfelt meaning, will blow your mind away and allow you to be present and intimate with your partner.

…will change your sex life…

Joseph Kramer PHD the ‘Grandfather’ of Erotic Massage said: “These Tantric Massage Rituals will change your sex life, profound teachings and stunningly beautiful, there’s no Competition.”

Joseph Kramer PHD

Tantric Sex Mastery Education Series Presents…

Tantric Healing Massage for Lovers:

Master the Art of Tantric Sex & Massage

An experiential online course based on Tantric teachings and practices in how to elevate your sexual relationships to new levels

Perfect for all love couples who:

  • May have dabbled in spiritual practices and are seeking the Tantric path
  • Know there is more they can do to enhance their relationship
  • Are aware that life is all about relationships, from boardroom to the bedroom
  • Ready to take their relationship to a much more exciting level!

You know there’s something you can do as a couple to shift your relationship from “argh” to “yay”. After all, you’ve seen others overcome challenges and transform their relationships, built on connection, excitement and newly found intimacy.

How can this tantric massage course improve upon your sex life and relationship?

It can teach you to:

  • Redefine sex as you know it
  • Cultivate your multi-orgasmic abilities
  • Awaken your playfulness and aliveness
  • Embrace all aspects of your being and human expression
  • Activate and harness your Kundalini (your life force energy) and bring vitality
  • Transmute raw sexual energy into a refined expression of Love

  • Awaken deeply rooted wisdom within you

The “side effects” of learning these Tantric massage practices and rituals are expansive:

  • Deep intimacy

  • Bliss-filled thriving life

  • Healing

  • Connectedness

  • Profound love

  • Fulfilling relationships

Praise to

Tantric Healing Massage For Lovers

“This film shines with esthetic care put into every detail. Tantra is a delicate subject, offering a sacred transmission of sex love and spirit as one unified whole. In this film, you will discover the art of Tantric Massage offered by people who live and breathe Tantra. It offers the possibility to open up and evolve in conscious love through the pleasure of touch.”

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita

What’s presented in this online course:

Learn ancient, proven massage techniques and honouring rituals from the Tantric teachings and scriptures to bring you and your partner more intimacy, bliss and connection.

  • Interactive/experiential exercises to deepen your understanding and connection with your partner to undertake divided into 3 main parts: 1) Honouring Rituals, 2) Tantric Healing Massage for Lovers and 3) Invocation Ritual.

  • Over 1 hour worth of course material, spread over 16 video sets for you and your partner to access at any time and in any order you like. (VALUE $ 99)

  • Unlimited digital access to the course for 6 months. (VALUE $378)

Total VALUE: $477
Regular price = $99 (per DVD)
Today’s price = $50 (for you and your partner)

“What a sumptuous, sensual and succulent DVD! The look, the feel, the music, the heartfelt guidance, the rituals, the real people – all of it absolutely stunning. Love it!”

Rebecca Lowrie

Frequently Asked Questions

The course material (about 1 hour in total) gives you techniques and practices that can cover hours for you and your partner once familiar with the practices. Time has a different quality while we are in Tantric rituals space, where 2 hours may seem like 10 minutes. When we are fully immersed in a process, we experience “time dilation” the occurrence of time standing still or speeding up.

You will experience immediate results, when we are immersed in the process during the session, you will experience altered states of consciousness, deeper love connection, being profoundly moved by your love partner and yourself.

I will be guiding you in authentic Tantric rituals, from ancient practices. Tantra is embodied spirituality, the art of honouring sacred sensuality. It is the Yoga of relationships. Tantra is the weaving of energy and consciousnesses, in every act and gesture. It is about dedicating, honouring rituals that you can easily do once you have been guided.

Tantric practices can be used to enhance experiences of relating and of how we can conduct energy in our body leading to greater aliveness, connection to others; and profound states of being which can enhance relationships. Tantra enables you to connect to others, seeing the divine in them.

Tantra is not a religion It is a practice in which we accept & use the nature of the mind, body, senses, sexuality and feelings, to help us evolve spiritually. In this practice, we strive for emotions to be expressed appropriately & authentically.

No, my emphasis is on the honouring of relationships as the spiritual path. I bring a unique synthesis of skills. Born into a spiritual heritage and having studied Tantra and Kabbalah as a young child, I was initiated at a very early age in the tantric arts and tantric secrets. I have been teaching globally since 1989. I teach Tantra teachers. I am a published author, music & film producer, a practicing psycho-sexual therapist, coach & a Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher. Known as the “celebs best kept secret & Tantra Guru”. What is taught in these workshops is a synthesis of my studies, including Ontology, metaphysics and the nature of human-beings, experience as a psycho-sexual therapist, coach and Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher.

Yes, all the course material is available at once and you can access the different parts using the right side menu:

  1. Honouring Rituals
  2. Tantric Healing Massage for Lovers
  3. Invocation Ritual

Feel free to do in the exercises in any order your like, but we recommend you start with the Honouring Rituals before you move onto the Tantric Massage part.

PART I: Honouring Rituals

  1. Welcome & Namaste to Tantric Healing Massage
  2. Invocation Ritual
  3. Lovers’ Honouring Ritual
  4. Tantsu: Tantra Shiatsu Stretching Ritual
  5. Body Imprint Ritual
  6. Kum Nye: Tibetan Energy Invocation Ritual
  7. Kundalini Activation

PART II: Tantric Healing Massage for Lovers

  1. Welcome & Namaste to Tantric Healing Massage
  2. Back Honouring Ritual
  3. Gateway to Heaven Ritual
  4. Front Honouring Ritual
  5. Yoni-verse Healing & Honouring Ritual
  6. Vajra/Lingham Healing & Honouring Ritual
  7. Head & Crown Ritual
  8. Bliss & Completion Ritual

PART III: Invocation Ritual (14 min)

Tantric Kriya Yoga uses yogic techniques with the objective to open you up to states of bliss and vitality. It harnesses your life energy through awareness practices, visualisation, and very powerful breathing techniques, and it teaches you to amplify and transmute your flow of sexual energy and to become the choreographer of your life and energy.

This workshop will be an experiential journey into Tantra Kriya Yoga, and a joyful celebration of life affirming and honouring expression of divine human beings.

Joyful celebration, life affirming, honouring expression of divine human beings. in states of bliss and vitality. Harnessing life energy. Tantra Kriya Yoga will amplify / transmute your sexual energy to harness as creative power.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath Is THE Most Profound Tantra Kriya Yoga Practice. Transmute/Harnesses Raw Sexual Energies Into Refined Expressions of Love. Break Through Blockages, Energise, Powerful Instrument of Manifestation. Be Multi Orgasmic in Every Aspect of Your Life, Attaining a State of Bliss/Harmony.

Tantric mantras, yantras and Mandalas help us to transform, heal, manifest and experience abundance. They are a doorway to transformation! The power of creation is in the sound.

Mantras are transcendental sounds, producing specific responses in the physical body. Releasing potent creative power to manifest abundance, healing and much more!

To access the live streamed workshops, you need to have the zoom application installed. To access the recorded workshops and access the other digital content, you need a browser like Chrome or Firefox and an internet connection. When you book your place on the workshop, you will be provided with login details to your members portal. If you have booked and not received access to the members portal, email support at nya@treocom.net.

These practices can last you a lifetime. You will have free access to these teachings once you register onto the programme. You will have unrestricted access to the course for 6 months.

No, you need an internet connection. To access the live streamed workshops, you need to have the zoom application installed and a minimum internet speed of 5mbps. To access the recorded workshops and access the other digital content, you need a browser like Chrome or Firefox and a reliable internet connection.

No, you can only share this with your love partner. These practices are profound and they create soul mate relationships. This is NOT for titillation or to impress, although your life will transform beyond expectation in every aspect of life. You are given special access to an exclusive programme that is priceless. There has to be a commitment and an honouring.

Expect nothing and experience everything !

It will be way beyond what you can envisage. Anything you expect will be based on your past experiences. This is a whole new approach to how you view the relationships in your life. Even for experienced Tantra teachers, coming to my events, they learn something new every time, uncovering new levels of experience and understanding.

Ultimately, it is up to you to get the benefits of the teachings. If you bring in the past “I know” and judgments, then you will certainly be setting yourself up to disappointments. When we expect we are limiting all new experiences to arise., When we expect, we anticipate it to look/be in a certain way.

We invite you to bring a beginner’s mind and be anew in every moment, then you will truly benefit from each moment.

Yes, thousands of people and tantra & spirituality teachers globally are using my teachings, books and DVDs to learn and teach. Some well known teachers are still continuing their study with me privately. You can read more testimonials at hannatantracoach.com/testimonials.

Are you ready to change the way you see and feel about your sex partner?
Are you ready to dial up your sex life to another level?
Are you ready to experience the fulfilled love life you deserve in your relationship?

I can help the two of you regain passion and excitement in your relationship.

Time is of the essence. Here’s why…

If your primary relationship isn’t working and is the cause of a lot of stress, it affects everything else you are doing in your life: your work, your finances, your health and your well-being.

Don’t waste any more time.  The new skill-set and wisdom you will gain from my teachings will stay with you for the rest of your life!

If you’re ready to feel deeply again, to feel loved and excited, to experience the fulfilled love and sex life you deserve

then register for the Tantric Healing Massage for Lovers online course now!