Cosmic Cobra Breath


Initiation Workshops:

The Cosmic Cobra Breath Is The Most Profound Tantra Kriya Yoga Key Practice

Kriya : Breaking Through & Action, Originate from Tibetan Yogic Practices

Embodied Spirituality Path Embracing All & Honouring Sensuality

Enabling You to Manifest & Fulfil On Your Life’s Purpose.

Cosmic Cobra Breath Breaks Through Blockages, Energises Your Body, Clears Emotions

You Become a Powerful Instrument of Manifestation, Creativity Flows in Abundance. Attaining a State of Bliss & Harmony

Transmute Raw Sexual Energies & Harness Into Refined Expression of Love, Creativity & Becoming Multi Orgasmic in Every Aspect of Your Life

The Cosmic Cobra Breath Accelerate Evolution Instantly. Once Initiated / Transmission properly, You will have a only 15 minutes daily practice !

 The hormones produced by these practices are safe yet profound, Being Able to Elevate Sexual Arousal Energies  & Transmit to Healing

Amplifying & Magnifies Energies in the Body & all you Focus on. It is Life Affirming and Healing The Most Powerful Healing Practices.

Each Breath will be the Equivalent of a Whole Year Practice. Hanna Healed a lump on her Upper sternum

Manifesting Power, Clearing Karma Awakening & Reconnecting to Your Soul’s Calling !

The side effects are Bliss, Revitalising & Rejuvenation, Best Anti-Aging Elixir of Youth !

Supercharging / ElectroMagnetising  the Spine, Allowing Kundalini – Raw Life Force Energy / Shakti, to Flow, Transforming & Harvesting more Shiva / Awareness / Consciousness. When the Brain baths in this Supercharged Elixir, Your Whole Nervous System Alters. When You have this Tool You Can Amplify You Power. The Cosmic Cobra Breath is Balancing & Harmonising both Hemispheres of the Brain, Creating a State of Bliss and Balance, Life Affirming & You Become to Director/Choreograph of Your Life !  Acting with Respond-Ability rather then Re-Acting!

Opening Your Whole Life to The Profound Dynamic States of Bliss, Joy & Grace.

Babaji Naga Raj

The Teacher/Guru King of the Snakes, Gave HumanUnity A Most Precious Gift – The Cosmic Cobra Breath. This is A Highly Advanced Powerful Tool of Tantra Kriya Yoga, Transmuting Raw Sexual Energy Into A Refined Expression of Love & Creativity. It is A Science Connecting Us to Cosmic Consciousness & Self Actualisation Here and Now.

Hanna’s lineage of the Tantra Kriya Yoga is from Babaji Naga Raj, Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati, Bodhi Teja & Amber

Hanna Initiates into the Cosmic Cobra Breath at  Workshops & Privately

Cosmic Cobra Breath Initiations:

Level 1 

Opens The Third Eye, Becoming Witness Consciousness, Evolving at Speed  Multifold Your Evolution, letting go of Emotional Dramas & Moving Into Realms of Spirituality & Breaking Through Any Blockages Overflowing with Creativity.

Level 2

Connects with Compassion & Bliss, Harmonising.

Level 3 

Transcends the Body., Total Immersion & Dedication to the Spiritual Path

Certainly Not suitable for Most

Levels 4-12 

There are more levels once Mastered these, Certainly Not suitable for All

Tantric Kriya Yoga, see the classic book ‘The Jewel in the Lotus’ by Sunyata Saraswati

Tantra Kriya Yoga Encompass disciplines such as Hatha,,Kundalini, Laya, Nada, Pranayama Raga & much more

Initiations Comprising: Bandhas, Breath, Maithuna  (Ultimate Union Ritual),, Meditations, Movements, Mudras, Pranayam, Rituals, Yantras & more

Testimonial: “The actual Cobra Breathing itself was truly amazing, whole body orgasms galore! Fantastic! I have experienced them in overwhelming abundance. Full Ecstasy!!!  Wonderful”

Practices Including:

5 Tibetans (13 in Reality)

Rishi Isometrics