The invitation: Laugh & Awaken To Connection, Beyond Form, Identifications or Separation. 

1: The Form Of Emptiness: (1 minute to Eternity & beyond!) 

Once Awakened Spiritually, Closing Off Is Not an Option, Being Grace Is The Choice. Avoid going down the Rabbit-Hole of Someone Else’s Consciousness! “Form is empty, emptiness is form” (from the Heart Sutra manuscripts, Mahayana Buddhist teachings). “Waking Up”, enables us to observe & alter the course of actions, resulting in altering the trajectory we chose to traverse along our journey. Playfulness is the balancing facture – an important player in the Spiritual Playing-Mindfield, diffusing our self-importance & sense of significant, which hinders real evolution. 

So how do we actually do that? Cultivate the Inner Laughing Buddha. Spirituality does not mean significance or being earnest. You can enjoy it, have a good hearty belly laugh. Laugh at yourself & the world you have constructed. Laugh at everything you think you “know”. Laughter is the best medicine, strengthens our immune system, elevates & alters our moods, eliminates stress, great natural painkiller. 

You could: Watch funny programmes, listen to hilarious podcasts. Goof about making a fool of yourself ! Take up virtual clowning classes. Join a Laughter yoga phone line & classes. Choose to simply laugh for 3-10 minutes, or longer, just like that. Do share your laughter inducing processes for the benefit of all.  

That is when the fun begins. We have to be vigilant, as we have been gifted powerful magic tools at our disposal, integrated into our being. Our tendencies to latch on to other people’s dramas will never satisfy & only feeds the Chimera (hybrid monster) we develop within.

The real challenge is our arrogance. Upon spiritual awakening, all is amplified & magnified. The more “evolved” we think we are, the more “tools” we can hide behind, re-enacting our unresolved patterns. We have even stronger defences, used as a form of Mind Fu£$ing. Let go of anything we THINK we already “know”, that is the arrogant pitfall in spiritual & personal development growth. Cultivate “Beginner’s Mind” & humility as the key for “true” evolution. 

2 Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minute to Infinity)

Gate Gate, Para Gate, Para Sum Gate, Bodhi Swaha = Gone Beyond, Further Than The Beyond, All Gone To Shores Beyond the Beyond, Oh The Awakened One (You), Perfection of the Heart. A very important mantra on a path of self-realisation. 

Deva Premal Sings Mantra: Gate Gate
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Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 40 Tantra Love Challenge

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