The invitation: Daydreaming ! Visualising your goals accomplished.

1: Learning to Fly(1 minute to Eternity & beyond!)

Mastery is Wisdom = Self-Discovery + Discipline, Through Direct Experience.

We are Co-Creators. You are calling forth the teachings you desire & are ready for. By repeating & sharing our experience, we integrate the teachings. Every time we do a practice, we are “working” up through the Chakras.

Do a practice minimum 7 times, you become a “Master”. To improvise music we first master the basic scales.

Everything done physically, can be done in the mind first. Athletes win races & spacewalks are carried out in the mind first ! Mastery starts in the mind. The determination & conviction that: “Yes, I can / Yes, I am”, give us access to cause the impossible / IAmPossible.

Spend time daydreaming. Visualising your goals accomplished. Practice in your mind’s eye that Tai-Chi / yoga posture or dance moment. The more elated energy you charge, with single minded focus, the faster you will accomplish your desired outcome. What you focus on is what you manifest. Watch the thoughts that are infused with strong emotional states, they materialise faster.

Take on a practice, anything: whistling, yoga posture, mantra, mudra hand gesture, or 1 segment of a dance etc. Perform it at least 7 times. That is how you Master Yourself, the movement / song / breathing etc.

What Mastery are you taking on? the more fun you make it, the more you & others will benefit.

2 Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minute to Infinity)

2.1 Yes I Can / Yes I Am /

2.2 Aum Shrim, Hrim, Klim Namaha (Abundance activator)

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Learning To Fly — Pink Floyd
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Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 39Tantra Love Challenge

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