The Invitation: Massage the chakras as an opening the doorways to the divine / cosmos

1 Essential Chakra Massage: (3 minute minimum each chakra to Eternity & beyond!)

Essential Oils activate the subtle energy system & impact our physical & emotional well being. Apply 1-2 essential oils drops to a cotton pad & circle over the energy body or directly on the physical body. Slow motions circling, enables the receiver to drop into a healing trance like state. Allow minimum 3 minutes each chakra. If you wish you can change any of these suggestions to suit you. Trust your senses. For the super sensitive, use only coconut or sweet almond oil instead. Choose 1 or 2 oils for each chakra. Ensure you are aware of allergies! 

1st Root Muladhara chakra – I Am – Safety, Life Force, Money

Patchouli, Neroli or Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, Vetiver, Cedar, Atlantic, Frankincense

2nd Sacral  Swadhisthana Chakra – I Feel – Creativity

Neroli, Sweet Orange, Sandalwood, Passion fruit, Clary Sage, Tangerine

3rd Chakra Manipura Solar Plexus – I Will – Power / Play

Vetiver, Neroli, grapefruit, Lemon, (Pine, Ginger, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Juniper berr) Mandarine

3.5 Secret Chakra Hrit – Being – Inner Guru

White Lotus, Jasmine

4th Chakra Anahata Heart – I Love – Acceptance

Rose, Rosewood, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Sweet Marjoram, Geranium

5th Chakra Vishuddha Throat – I Speak – Truth 

Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Lemongrass

5.5 Chakras palatine – I Savour – Integrate / Activate

Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Lemongrass

6th Chakra Ajna 3rd Eye – I See – Wisdom / Intuition The Guru Awakening 

Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rosemary, German Chamomile

7th Chakra Sahasrara Crown – I “Know” – Connection To All That Is

Palo Santo, Frankincense, While Neroli, Vanilla

2 Affirmation / Mantra: (1 minute to Infinity)

Moola Mantra gives great bliss, Joy, nurturing connection to cosmic consciousness, instils a sense of security & freedom from sufferings, awakens the divine presence in the heart, cures dis-eases ! Below 2 amazing versions of the Moola Mantra sung by Deva Premal & Sudha. 

Aum, Sat, Chit, Ananda, Para-brahma, Puru-Shotha-Ma, Parah-Mhatmah, Sri Bhagavati, Sameh-Thah, Sri-Bhaga=Vateh, Namaha 


Aum = Invoking highest energies of all that is

Sat = The formless Truth, supreme existence

Chit = Universal Supreme Consciousness

Ananda = Pure Love, Joy, Supreme bliss

Para-brahma = The Supreme Creator

Puru-Shotha-Ma = The greatest human being incarnated to help mankind / HumanUnity

Parah-Mhatmah = The Great Soul, who appears in the heart, the inner guiding voice  

Sri Bhagavati = The creative power creation, The Divine Mother Goddess Parvati

Sameh-Thah = Together within

Sri-Bhaga=Vateh -The Creator “Father”, that which is permanent, unchangeable omnipresence

Namaha = I honour, acknowledge & thank this supreme presence in my life. I bow to your guidance Supreme Shiva Consciousness

ॐ सच्चिदानंद परब्रह्म

. पुरुषोत्तम परमात्मा |

. श्री भगवती समेत

. श्री भगवते नमः ||

. (हरी ओम् तत् सत्)

Deva Premal Moola Mantra
[KGVID width=”200″ height=”250″][/KGVID]

Sudha Moola Mantra
[KGVID width=”200″ height=”250″][/KGVID]

Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 41 Tantra Love Challenge

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