Tantra is liberation through expansion. Healing, better spirituality, increased intimacy, Bigger “O”gsms, are all natural “side effects”. 

Invitation: How much more…can you allow yourself to contain & experience? Make more space within the body, enabling more energy to be contained, more flow, awareness to expand to inclusivity.

Yoni Mudra – “Ultimate Orgasm with the Universe”. Yoni means: Sacred Source Of All, Gateway to the Universe, Tomb, Female reproductive system. With a love partner it is the “Ultimate Orgasm with the Universe”, Creating “explosion” into the Universe from within. It is through the closing off of the “openings” creating a vacuum enables the Universe to tumble through the “container”, our body. For couples practices contact us.

It is The highest most profound gesture, helps in overcoming fear & preparation for conscious “death”, of the ego. This enables spontaneous healing. Activates the esoteric “God-Heads” within. The Mantra “So-Ham”, is the sound blood makes in our veins, Can be heard with practice.

Individual practice: Press thumbs into ear. Index finger pressing lightly on eye lids / eyelashes, on the bone under the eye sockets, (NOT on eye balls !). Middle fingers pressing ALTERNATING (!) on one side of the nose, constricting one nonsterile at a time. Ring finger pressing above the upper lips, Little finger pressing under lower lip.

On inhalation, one middle finger is off the nose ridge. After inhalation, close off the open nonsterile, open the other nonsterile & exhale. Repeat on this side Slow down the breathing in and exhaling. Practice 2 minutes to 21 minutes.

Diagrams above from the book: “Jewel In The Lotus” book by Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha.


Aum Ahadi Aum = I Am One With All That Is.

So Ham = I Am That I Am


Enjoy the practice and THRIVE !

Love and blessings

Hanna Tantra Coach

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