Tantric Healing Massage for Lovers


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Tantric Healing Massage For Lovers 2 x DVD set With “Wisdom Goddess Invocation Ritual” Booklet

Available Only from Us.

Ground Breaking ! 13 Tantric Rituals course in 2 DVD set.

Redefining sex as we know it

This will transform your intimacy

Into a divine communion

A truly transcendent experience.

‘Certainly the most exquisite, exciting and juicy Tantric Massage video In a

long time.’ Jason www.tantra4gaymen.co.uk

Joseph Kramer PHD the ‘Grandfather’ of Erotic Massage

Joseph Kramer PHD the ‘Grandfather’ of Erotic Massage www.eroticmassage.com said: “ These Tantric Massage Rituals will changeyour sex life, profound teachings and stunningly beautiful, there’s no Competition.”

‘This is a beautiful and heartful demonstration of the power of ritual in

lovemaking. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to give

and receive sexual pleasure with deep respect and honouring.’ Jan Day


All Music by Craig Pruess BAFTA award winner who has created music for

“Funny Bones”, “Bend It Like Beckham”, “Bride & Prejudice”, “Bhaji On The


“The Guru”, “Golden Eye” and much more.


‘This film shines with esthetic care put into every detail. Tantra is a delicate

subject, offering a sacred transmission of sex love and spirit as one unified

whole. In this film, you will discover the art of Tantric Massage offered by

people who live and breathe Tantra. It offers the possibility to open up and

evolve in conscious love through the pleasure of touch.’Mahasatvaa Ma

Ananda Sarita www.tantra-essence.com


‘What a sumptuous, sensual and succulent DVD! The look, the feel, the

music, the heartfelt guidance, the rituals, the real people – all of it absolutely

stunning. Love it!’ Rebecca Lowrie www.rebeccalowrie.com


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