Love: From Puppy to Yuppy & Beyond !

Love: From Puppy to Yuppy & Beyond !
Here is some of the Types of Love we feel and express. There is so much we can say about it, Read on below more from Greeks and Psychology. So many people ask me about it so here some of it succinctly put:
6 Stages of Love, According to Hanna Tantra:
1. Innocence Uphoric Merge – Puppy Love, Baby stage
2. Approval – Childhood stage
3. Possessive – Teenager
4. Barter Love – You give me this and I give you that
5. Sophisticated Love – Yuppy Love
6. Unconditional Love – Universal Love – Agape/Guru/Christ Love, Unattached
8 Expressions of Love from Psychology
Comprising 3 Foundations and 5 Types:
3 Foundations for Love Relationships:
Passion – Physical Attraction
Intimacy – Mutual feeling of closeness and attachment t
Commitment – Conscious decision to be together
5 Types of Love
Consummate Love
Fatuous Love
Compassionate Love
Romantic Love
Empty Love – Unconditional / Agape
8 Types of Love From Greek
Eros – Erotic Love. named after the Greek god of love and fertility
Philia – Affectionate Love
Storge Love – Familiar Love
Ludus Love – Playful Love
Mania Love – Obsessive Love
Pragma – Enduring Love
Philautia – Self Love
Agape – Selfless Love, Highest form of love, Soul Level, Unconditional Love
8 Kinds of Love based on Srenberg’s 7 Theory
CONSUMMATE LOVE – Highest Form -, all 3 components present, Intimacy, Passion & Commitment
FATUOUS LOVE – Commitment based on passion, no true Intimacy, Not Long Lasting
COMPASSIONATE LOVE – Familial Love – Commitment
ROMANTIC LOVE – Strong Emotional and Passion
EMPTY LOVE – Only Commitment, no Intimacy or Passion
INFATUATED LOVE – Pure passion, can dissipate easily
LIKING – Feelings of Friendship, Absence of commitment and strong passion
NON-LOVE – As the name implies
5 Languages of Love
1. Words of Affirmation – Expressing Appreciation and affection
2. Acts of Service – Expressing Love through Actions, Selfless act.
3. Receiving Gifts
4. Quality Time
5. Physical Touch
Enjoy and Thrive ! Live and Love Unconditionally. Namaste

Enjoy and Thrive ! Live and Love Unconditionally. Namaste