It is a non-doing meditation. This will resonate on Electromagnetic levels. Side Effects: This balances and harmonises energy with the love partner. There is no where to go, nothing to achieve, just being and energetically resonating together.

The Why: This practice is the answer to any disharmony which arises when partners have amazing intimacy union, a day later they are fighting, due to the spiking of chemicals in the body which occurs a day after experiencing profound love making. This practice will eliminate this side effects and enable couples to experience profound deep connection and be surprised by depth of pleasure they reach even while a non-doing intimacy.

Method / the How: Connecting, “IntraYonus” is an option, in a comfortable position where you can face each other; lying side by side in the scissors position with pillows to take the weight. 
You will need to find a comfortable position that your limbs will not go numb after a while. Stay in that position for at least 42 minutes. Best done first thing in the morning upon waking up. You can even doze off during this meditation.

There are many experiments with couples who practice this and the chemistry in the body. 
In Tantra, you are the scientist and you are the experiment. 
Enjoy the practices and benefits!