Yes I am talking to You. You are Divine Design. This is potent time of the Miracles of Life. The Infinite Intelligence, Creation, the Uni-Verse, has created the wonderful miracle and it has YOUR name. Allow the abundance of blessings to shower upon you. All you need to do is accept and receive the hidden blessings.
Even our challenges and pain we are experiencing are great opportunities of growth. SMILE ! as this will alter your chemical occurrence within you. You are the creator of your life now. The miracles are here and you smiling and allowing is the magnet knowing they are on the way to YOU.
The Infinite Intelligence gives unconditionally, just like the son rays, so accept that who you really are is a child of the UniVerse. You are unique, you are special, You are here for a purpose. You were conceived by Love, whatever the circumstances.
When others treat us the way that is not honouring to us, then we can interpret this as an expression of Love, that it is, they are the ones hurting. Your Grace is the forgiveness and Unconditional Love. You must treat yourself the way you desire to be honoured.
Open your heart, When challenges come our way, and our hearts are “broken” open, that means your heart can grown even bigger, for a Love that is greater.
Love is All other Is.
I love you !