Invitation: Allow your”self” to THRIVE ! Be the expert of your”self”. it is our choice to master our thoughts, feelings & responses.

Lover | oneloveninja1) Inner Lover Love Bubble “Protection”: When we allow our “egos” to strengthen, then we can really “let go of the ego”. The “ego” will rear its head again like a phoenix, offering us wonderful opportunities to “slay that dragon”.

Build a love bubble around yourself, in a shape of the heart, around you, the point of the heart shape planted in the core of the earth, be grounded. Trust whatever colour you require is the healing quality for you at this point. Allow the heart love bubble to grow & strengthen.

Choose to expand further out or pull it closer to yourself. Discern, filtering what you allow into your being & how you give “out there”. When we are physically well, our emotional, spiritual well being are impacted. When our spiritual wellbeing is healthy, it impacts in turn our energetic, intellectual, emotional & physical wellbeing & we really THRIVE, in whatever circumstances.

2) Healing the Inner Child, Mukti – Royal Liberation:

You give yourself that which you desire to receive. Then overflow giving to others that which you crave to receive. Be the expert of yourself, Master your thoughts, feelings, responses.

Choose to treat & look after your”self” as THE most loved “child”, Parent your own “self”.

Take the vitamins we resist to take only “because” someone told us to. Do the dance class EVEN though you KNOW you WILL feel better afterwards. Be kind to our sabotaging inner wounded child.

3) Affirmation / Mantra: (2 minute to Infinity)

“Aum Na Mo Ba Ga Vehe Teh, Va Su Dehe Vaha Yah”

Healing the Inner Child — Mukti Mantra — Royal Liberation: Chant with the chakras activates (1) first chakra, (2) 2nd chakra & so on:

(1) Aum, (2)Na, (3)Mo, (4)Ba, (5)Ga, (6)Ve (He), (Right/Left/Centre)Teh, (5)Va, (4)Su, (3)De (He), (2)Va (Ha), (1)Yah. 


Enjoy the journey and Thrive.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach, Day 52 Tantra Love Challenge

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