Love doesn’t just happen to you, it happens through you, for you and because of you. You are an instrument of Love. U R LOVE.

The invitation: Dive deeply into the depth of being Love. The quality of Love, as a state of BeingNess, experiencing ONEness, (נס “ness” means miracle).Implementing even one practice, 30 seconds a day, transforms “relation-shit” into Transcendent Love. Repeat Day 1 practices, as daily “Love Habits” = spiritual relationship hygiene.

Day 2 Practices:

1. Love Greeting: (5 second +) When thinking or looking at the beloved, say internally: “I Love You”, (Also to ALL we meet along in the day and speak on the phone). It will transform our world.

2. Union Breath: (Minimum 90 seconds +) Match your breathing with the beloved’s, creating harmony as breathing synchronises. Can also be done laying together in a spoon position, restoring balance, dissipates emotional disharmony, as you resonate together.

3. Eyes of Love: (3 Minutes +) The eyes of love are the open doorway into our souls. Softly gazing (Tratak) into the eye of the beloved, see them, receive them, allow yourself to be seen. Breath deeply. Focus on one eye, traditionally their left eye (which is on your right).You may discover “other” archetypal faces, a real gift, glimpsing other realms and life times, in the here and now. (Can be done over the internet when apart)

4. Affirmation / Mantra: (5 second +) * L. O. V. E

L = Life, Laughing, Listening, Learning

O = Orgasmic, Omnipresent, Optimising, ONEness (miracle of ONE)

V = Vibrant, Vitality, Vivacious, Valueying

E = Empowering, Encouraging, Embracing. Enhancing

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Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.Love and Blessings. Namaste