Welcome on this amazing journey, propelling your love relationship to a whole new level, flexing your love & affinity muscles. The process only takes a few minutes, with long-lasting “side effects”. Choosing even one practice increases love multi-folds.  

Day 1 Practices:

1. Perfect: (5 second +) YOU have the power to create your beloved as a divine god/dess. The one you are with is a perfect HumanDivine being to journey with. Know and treat your beloved as perfect, as they really are, with all our perceived “imperfections”. Through this practice they will appear even more perfect.  

2. NAMASTE (10 Seconds +) Honour your beloved with an elaborate “Namaste”. A simple gesture of saluting the love partner while looking into their eyes, is deeply profound.  Meaning: I salute the Divinity within You / I honour the Divine within You / I honour the mirror you are to me.  
Bring your hands to the centre of your chest, palms touching, as if in a prayer position, pressing and activating your heart chakra. Look anew into the eyes of the beloved, or imagine them in your mind’s eye. Allow yourself to really look, discovering them afresh. You can say: “Namaste”.  Honouring others and “self” as ONE. 

3. Affirmations / Mantras: (5 Seconds +) Focus on the mantra, chant, intone or sing, internally or audibly:*“Ah-Ham Prem-Mah”, Aham Prema =  “I am Divine Love” 

4. Breathing LOVE – Part 1: (60 Seconds +) Breath of life is pure Love. We can use breath consciously to create more Love.  Bringing attention and intention to the breathing, is the magic power tool at your will, literally. “What you think about, you bring about”. Choose consciously images to enhance love. Breath life into it.   

5. Breathing LOVE – Part 2: (30 Seconds +) LOVE meaning: “God (is) He And She” = “El Hu Ve Hee” L = El = God (intoning or hearing the sound on inhalation)O = Hu = “He” IS (intoning on exhalation)V = Ve = And / including (inhalation)E = Hee = “She” IS (exhalation) 

6. Attitude of Gratitude: (60 Seconds +) What are you grateful for in your beloved and in your life ? Write a list of at least 5 things you are grateful for about your love partner. I am so happy and grateful for having / being…
The more gratitude expressed, the more appreciative we are, the more we attract. Consciously create by being grateful for the things you desire to come, as if they are already here, in present tense.

Do share this to benefit all. Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.
Love and Blessings. Namaste. Hanna Tantra Coach