You are the Master / Magician of your Life / Love, seducing the powers of nature, transforming all your relationships into a truly transcendent Divine Communion.

The invitation: 

Be That ! Declare: I Am That ! (SoHam). I am the master of my realties/ emotions. 

Day 3 Practices:

1. Tantric Kiss: (60 seconds +)

Put foreheads / 3rd Eyes together. Allow brainwaves to harmonise & breath.

2. Precious Crystal: (2 minutes to Infinity)

Holding the head of the beloved, as if it is THE most precious crystal in the Multi-YoniVerse. Moving it ever so gently, imperceptibly, creates profound effects, instills trust, enabling surrender. 

3. Presence / Present: (5 seconds +) Be fully present to the “pre-sent” gift of love & life that you/they are. Be present with the beloved & yourself. Bring “beginner’s mind”, as if it is for the first time. How do we do that? By intention and attention, happens in an instant.  

4. Affirmation / Mantra:

* I am Loving Awareness

** So Ham = I am That, I surrender and accept all that I am. 

(More for couples SoHam practice

More for individuals SoHam practice


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Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach

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