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Chakras and Energy in the Body

There are 20 major meridians, energy lines in the body
There are Approx 72,000 Nadis, energy channels
The Chakras are the energy centers that are
The subtle doorways connecting
Between the ethereal and
The physical bodies.

There are at least 72,000 energy channels, called Nadis, in the body.
These are energy lines similar to those that are activated in reflexology,
where you can stimulate points on the feet which affect the internal
organs and limbs. Reflexology originates from Ayurveda, the Indian
science of longevity and health.

Chakras & Yantras
Yantras are sacred symbols used in meditation. The Chakra symbols here are Yantras. The chakras are energy wheels, or vortexes, which are the subtle portals connecting the etheric, which is the subtle and vital body in esoteric schools, and the physical body. In Sanskrit chakra means circle or energy centre. I refer to it as the ‘spinning wheels of energy’.

There are different maps of the chakras,
depending on which system you use: the Hindu, Tao, Sufi, Tibetan, Mayan,
African, and Cabbala etc.
In the Hindu tradition, (the most commonly used map), there are 7 main
chakras, and one secret chakra. There are also 122 minor chakras.
The Tibetan system uses 5 basic chakras. The spinning of the chakras and
the speed, will determine the vitality and vibrant health of each chakra and
the body. The chakras affect the vitality of the endocrine system and all the
organs, creating healing, magnetism and rejuvenation.

In the Cabbala, there are 4 main levels of 10 major Sefirot in each level. Sefira
means: counting and pertains to centers.
Gradually practice noticing the subtle energies. As you learn to listen to and
feel the flow of energy, you will be able to master it almost at will. Martial
arts masters can ‘think’ their energy to a limb or an organ. They use their will
power to direct the energy. It is a mastery of mind over matter, concentrating
the energy.
This amazing vehicle, the temple of your soul, is your divine human body.
The following simple practice will transform your health and your sense of
well-being. It will also transform the way you perceive the world and people
throughout the day. You, the giver, can bathe the receiver in your mind’s eye,
in gold and silver light. Invite them to breath in gold and silver into their
being. Internally call them by their name. You may visualize, feel, taste or
hear the experience.

We all have different ways of perceiving the world. Some people are
predominantly kinesthetic and tactile; they can feel what the sense gives
them. Touch and feelings are their doorway to access their being. Touch is
the way they interpret the world. If you invite a kinesthetic person to focus
on a sense of fruit in their hand, they may report feeling the texture or the
weight of that fruit.

Some people perceive the world in pictures as they are predominantly visual.
They can see the colors, shapes and lighting. They can easily conjure up an
image in their minds eye and could construct images. A few people can even
detect with their naked eye infra-red and ultra violet colors, which are on
both ends of the rainbow color spectrum. Some individuals experience by
taste, some by smell. They are predominantly olfactory. Many chefs and
perfumers are gifted with this ability. Some individuals are fortunate to be
able to taste color, this is called neurological synaesthesia.

An auditory person would perceive the world predominantly through sound
and have the gift of being sensitive to sounds, music, even the sounds of the
universe and words. They possess acute sense of hearing. The spoken word or
music can ignite their imagination and could turn them on, and they have
the tendency to be great thinkers or musicians.Some individuals are gifted with a clear all pervasive ‘knowing’. Others use any combination of these sensory tools. When interacting with others, listen and pay attention to the language they use to describe things, this will give you clues as to what sense is predominating.

Working with tantric meditations and with other tools described in this
book, will help you to balance and open up to the possibilities of the other
senses. When a memory is triggered, the other senses will be switched on and
activated. In the case of a trauma release, they may shut down and close in
response. The more you work consciously with the senses, the more you will
be able to tune into and detect sensitive subtle energies.