Chakras, what are they where are the secret Chakras? See short explanation on what it is and benefits. I perceive the chakra system as corresponding to the organs in the body, the heart, lungs etc. I have not seen my physical heart, but trust in my mind and body that it is there, so is my heart chakra.

Image may contain: nightThe Nadis, which are the subtle energy lines in the body (and more), as the equivalent to the veins and arteries. I have not seen my blood flow through the body but trust & feel the blood pulsating in my toes. In a similar way, I feel the flow of energy through the body. Using Tai Ch, Chi Gong Yoga, Reiki Dance & Stillness Kung-Fu etc. enables us to will the energy in the body.

Consciously following with your mind’s eye, the path of energy flow, will result in becoming receptive to these energies.

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