Chakras Model illustrating how they impact ourselves in relations to others. Extracts from my published books. Enjoy and thrive !
Here is the Kabbalist “Chakra” Sefirot system with the secret chakra Hrit which is based under the heart and under the 6th Chakra Models

The images used here follow the Hindu Tradition. I will later address a different chakra.Chakra Table: The basic chakras may be translated into the following simple massages in relation to the self and others:
1. Base, first chakra I need I notice you, I give
2. Belly, second chakra I want and desire I desire to connect with you                      3. Naval / Solar, third chakra I share and play I offer my power and playfulness in sharing
4. Hrit, secret chakra I devote and surrender I feel you deeply, I receive
5. Heart, fourth chakra I except I accept you unconditionally
6. Throat, fifth chakra I am changing karma I hear you and your truth, together we are instrumental to change                                                                                       7. Palatine, secret inner mastery chakras I express truth I offer my truth to you      8. Third Eye, sixth chakra I see your beauty I see you as you really are and your potential beyond my projections                                                                               9. Guru chakra, hidden guru chakra, the Fourth Eye I am open to receiving
bliss and Shakti-Pat transmissions, I share our collective wisdom and transmissions                                                                                                    10. Crown, seventh chakra I am I am You, We are One

The Shushumna
The central channel within the body, it is like the underground metro or the subway trains stations. Each chakra is like a station. The chakras could be also represented by a three dimensional images of an American footballs overlapping.
Cabbalist Ten Sfirot. The Cabbala, is the Jewish Tantra, and is the basis for Jewish and Christian mysticism.
Using 10 Sefirot (energy centers, literal meaning is ‘counting’).


These are the Cabbalist chakras
which are also doorways to the four levels of being, as well as the hidden, the
moment of inception from the world between the worlds, manifestation and
0. Inception, ‘Kriya’ – in Hebrew means
Calling, in Sanskrit the Path of Action.
1. Emanation, ‘Atzilut’ – in Hebrew
means Grace, Knighthood
2. Creation ‘Briyah’ – in Hebrew means
Wisdom, Understanding
3. Formation ‘Yetzira’ – in Hebrew means Creation
4. Action ‘Asiyah’ – in Hebrew means Action

Bridging each level are the ten Sefirot, providing the portals by which the
human spirit forms the link between Heaven and Earth.
The Light in the Kabala or Zimzumim, the Divine essence, enters via the
Crown, Keter, zigzagging through the Sefirot, the Chakras, and manifesting
on earth through the Kingdom Chakra, at the base, at the root.

0 Crown keter כֶּתֶר 
1 Understanding binah בִּינָה
2 Wisdom chochmah חָכְמָה
3 Knowledge da’at דַּעַת
4 Might / Bravery gevurah גְבוּרָה
5 Loving Kindness chesed חֶסֶד
5.5 The Secret Sfira Hrit / Neshama / Soul Neshama / נשמה
6 Beauty / Splendour tiferet תִּפְאֶרֶת
7 Glory / Acknowledgement / Grace hod הוֹד
7.5 splendour הָדָר Hadar , Soul / Neshama נשמה Eternal / Victory / Eternity netzach נֵצָח
9 Foundation / Origins yesod יְסוֹד
10 Kingdom / Manifest on Earth malchut מַלְכוּת