March 2, 2023, Hanna was at the “My Black Dog” mental health charity event with Chris Evans Virgin Radio presenter, Eddy Temple-Morris Virgin Radio presenter, Vassos Alexander Virgin Radio presenter, Sir Jeffrey Archer and Sir Rod Stuart, where she presented her work.

“Hello and Welcome ! I’m Hanna, the Tantra Transformation Coach, Transforming relation-SHITS into stunning Partnerships

My passion is the art of honouring, sacred sexuality, empowering people to thrive and Rise in Love.

I am committed to creating more love, healing and peace in our precious world, for the benefit of all HumanUNITY

“Tantra is the mother / Yoga is the son” ! (Satyananda Saraswati Founder of the Bihar school of Yoga)

It is much more than prolonged Exotic sex…
It certainly works for the Dalai Lama, Sting and me…
The Dalai Lama & Lama Yeshe; practice and wrote books about it.

It is the yoga of relationships, a science, cosmology & much more, it predates religion and is a spiritual way of being, Kabbalah, Sufism and Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga are Tantric.

My unique system of spiritual teachings, psychosexual healing and therapy is a synthesis of practices that pervades and impacts all aspects of life.

Through my practices, over 5 decades, I mastered enhancing relationships and productivity with incredible results.

For over 24 years, I have been teaching all over the world and I’m the teacher of teachers.

I work with CEOs, politicians, artists & individuals who are ready to enhance and propel their lives to a whole new level.

I authored 5 books, produced a ground-breaking educational Tantra Healing Massage DVD course, Meditations, Music and a short SciFi film “Ellipse” (see on YouTube

The people I coach may desire to enhance their wellbeing, work or intimate relationships.
For those in the public eye, I’m their best kept secret !

And I love working with those who are happy and fulfilled in life, desiring to propel their lives to ExtraOrdinary transcendent experience.

Of course there are those who are great in the boardroom,
yet bored in the bedroom…I teach how to transform intimacy into divine communion

What I provide is synergetic, way more fun and much cheaper then divorce or HR litigation.
We could all do with better relationships, EVERYwhere !
It is the key to a thriving life and contributes to creating peace in our world.

In my events and 1-2-1 sessions, I teach the art of honouring and I am known for Empowering people.

My mission is to leave people feeling Ecstatically orgasmic in in life, so that you get to Live the Life You Love, empowering you to thrive.”

Love & Namaste
Hanna Tantra Katz, The Tantra Transformation Coach