Everything in our life is an opportunity for Mindfulness, Breathing, Walking, Urinating, Talking etc. Every aspect of our Human expression is a doorway to Self-Actualisation/ Enlightenment.

Simply Being Present in the Moment as Now is all that is, past future is all in the present right here within you. Watch the thoughts developing and honing the “Witness Consciousness”, letting go of attachments and identifications to and with “any-things”.

You have thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, Yet you are that “Eternal Presence” never ending, This is Who You Really Are ! You are a Co-Creator of the Universe of Realities. Watch others all around you in wonder, as they are mirrors to you.

Returning back to the Oceanic Spaciousness, We are a drop of the whole. The individual “drop” of our being contains the hologram of the whole Uni-Verse. You are All That Ever Is, Was and Will Be.