Look at any solid object and you will see it is no-thing, space is full of matter that we cannot detect with our eyes.

We are All connected, just packets of energy rearranged at various levels of vibrational resonance, reorganising itself as “things” beings places. Certainly state boundaries are totally made by humans not willing to recognise the other, where is the Human-unity.

All separations is by agreements ! We belong to this group or that, we will get agreements form outside to provide us with the evidence that suits us. Look at when relationships turn into “relationshit” then people speak and convince themselves and then talk to others who will agree with them, thus they are justified in their stories of victimhood.

Boundaries are what keep the illusions of separations on individual levels, familial, tribal, country and even cultural “civilisation” (if there was any)

You Are All That Is, All That Ever Was, All That Ever Will Become. So Ham