The present moment is a pre-sent gift from your higher self to you right now. You are the Lotus flower emerging from the murkiest waters…Read on:

Am asked: how do you do that, how can you teach / publish / write / direct / create so many books etc in such a short space of time. Here is what I have been saying for more then 2 decades of teaching: In the past we called it Muse/ being inspired. 
Inspiration, in Latin Inspiritus meaning; Taking God in. Allowing God to work through you.

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For myself,( if there was such a thing other then the illusion am choosing to identify with 🙂 ) being of service, Bhakti Yog (A not pronounced) is the key. Thus getting myself out of my own way:)

In fact there is no “me” when am teaching or being for others. The “I” disappear, becoming empty like a hollow bamboo. Where the body/mind/soul are nothing but an instrument of the divine channelling this through the shell we call Hanna or any other name you wish to identify with.

Our personalities, in Latin derived from Persona, meaning : Through Sound. It is only when we speak that others “know” us, like in classical Greek plays. Thus : When you speak, what you say to yourself internally and out loud to others, how you speak makes up “who you are” as a physical incarnation today, as your speaking alters it alters how you and others are perceiving yourself.

The deeper spiritual question of “Who are you? As a Self-discovery, Self-actualisation question has been in existence for as long as human-beings gained consciousness. Ramana-Maharshi in India has an ashram dedicated to this quest. In the modern “Enlightenment Intensives” were we sat for minimum 3.5 up to 10 days engaged only with this question for 16 hours a day.

In Tantra Kriya Yoga, we sit in meditation focusing on the inner Guru/teacher, sat in a certain “Mudra” (gesture/posture), engaged in the quest of “Who Are You” Self/Guru. After a while the next quest is “What Is Love”. The answers are not the obvious ones of the identities, jobs or roles.

When the “real” answer arrives, every fiber of your temporal-being really KNOWS this, It is a visceral happening like a silence descending upon you and you are at ONE with ALL That IS. Where you (can) become NO-Thing and Everything simultaneously. Where are you Space, Existence Itself.

Yup, sitting amidst this human yukiness and murkiness of our “character”, self lies, self delusions, tolerating dysfunctional societies of unbalanced views of ourselves and human behaviour, (need I go on), right there is were we awaken to our goldlyness/godliness.

In short we have the privilege to take anything in our human experience and turn it into evolutionary gold ! Our Goldlyness / Godliness emerges for the murkier waters. 
The lotus flower, analogous to ENLIGHTENMENT, can only thrive in the dirtiest muddiest ponds. 
Jewel in the Lotus, that you are, shines through from the murkiest past experiences you have turned them into nourishment to propel your evolution for the benefit of all Human-Unity.

Thank you for who you are, your past, present and future (happening all simultaneously and your gift is your presence on this earth. 
The present moment is a pre-sent gift from your higher self to you right now.