The greatest illusion is the “I/You”, laughable notion in the great scheme of things. There is no “I/You” in anything, it’s only an illusion. A linguistic Mind Fu@king. The ego (there are many definitions on the ego) wanting to make something of a fleeting ephemeral blip in space time continuum.

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We are so insignificant, not even a speck of dust, yet we are so engrossed with a tiny pimple on our face or who we look and perceived by others.

The freedom / bliss / enlightenment can occur and be experienced as a naturally unfolding flower opening (Tibetan Vajrayana Tantric Buddhism) or as a thunderbolt lightning striking us (in Zen). We can either surrender or resist. Support expansion or halt growth. This is also a choice and our own making.

The journey of Self-Discovery or Self-Actualisation / enlightenment, is very personal yet universal. And there are more paradoxes. At the moment of “Self-Realisation/ Actualisation, that is the moment where the “I” dissolves, the moment where “you” cease to exist as you know it ! That is the moment when you are true to the “SELF”. That is when there is “You/I”

The moment / This Moment, that you discover, realise and experience viscerally, that “SELF-Realisation / SELF-Actualisation / Enlightenment, that is the only moment there “really” is a “YOU”, where the “I/eye” looks upon itself. 
When you discover and get viscerally that there is no you paradoxically that is when you found/created/are YOU !

The doorways: are so many, every breath can be your doorway, every human-beingness experience can be your personal doorway. That experience you would rather not have, this is your key, that is your doorway, tailor made for you only.

Your desires can be your doorway to the enlightenment. Often people seeking Enlightenment deny and resist their desires. The desire is the fuel that propels your spiritual trajectory. The desire you wish to transcend is the way through.

Allow yourself to go through whatever it is, you do not need to act out the scenarios simply observe, be bemused by the thoughts and self judgements, they are only social conditioning, and know thy self.

“I Am The Eye/I In The Sky… Maker of Dreams” (Alan Parsons Project)