The invitation: Remember Who You Really Are ! 

Day 22 Practices:

1:  Who You Really Are: (3 minute to Infinity)

Ask the beloved, with their eyes closed sitting comfortably: “Who Are You”. When they answer, you say: “Thank you. Who Are You?” Continue this until reached silent equanimity and a shift in energy. When ready, Swap. Once you have established “Who You Really Are?”, declare it to each other, meditate playfully  upon it in your union. 

You may start answering from a “personality” level, saying their name, job titles etc. Gradually, by prompting them, they will drop through the layers into the divine essence, where they remember who they really are, they may have a sense / see / feel / smell / hear, along this journey different aspects of the world / existence. 

“Who Are You” is also Ramana Maharshi & enlightenment Intensive practices.  Amazing art by Jim Warren. 

  1. Affirmation / Mantra: (2 minute to Infinity)

“Aum Ahadi Aum” = “One We Are”, אום אחד אום, أوم واحد أوم, Ahadi = Echad אחד = Wahed واحد


Do share with us your love success, 

Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach

Jim Warren, 1949 | Fantasy / Surrealist painter | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura • Scultura • Poesia • Musica

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