Tantra is a cosmology. The sacred UNION of contradictory / complimentary opposites, within us, relationships & with ALL around us. It is our relationship with the planet & the universe. Surrendering to whom we really are ! So-Ham. (I am that)

We are the “marriage” of the inner & outer. The union of masculine & feminine aspect within us. Weaving spirituality & physical manifestation. Embracing every aspect of human expression, within us & in Unity with the whole of existence, pertaining to absolutely every aspect of human expression!

Everything can be utilised as a Tantric tool. Every aspect of our Human Life/ Divine design expression, can be a doorway into Self-Actualisation / enlightenment.

All we need to “do” is choose to honour, embrace both polarities, consciousness & Energy, awareness & phenomena. Where all is both sacred/sublime & at the same time mundane/profane. Everything is spiritual !

Practicing beginner’s-mind, we return to our true state of child like innocence. Discovering as if for the first time the wonders, tasting nectar in all that is. Everything we experience is then perceived as magical ! We alter our experience of life.

OM = Aum = Aung:
Oh = the Wondrous exclamation at the Magnificence of the YoniVerse
Ah = The Joyous surprise exclamation, enables our heart expands & opens
Mn = The Tasting of the Nectar, the swallowing/ingesting the goodness of life.
G = In Tantra Kriya Yoga, the G at the end is so important when we desire to integrate all levels of our being, including our sensuality awakening the God/dess within.

Enjoy and Thrive ! Namaste. So Ham.

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