Creation = Yetzirah = יצירה / From the Root : God’s Will/desire = Yetzr Yah = יצר יה . The Kabbalah Book of Creation related to the Zodiac calendar. This is the time now at the ecology festival Tu Bishvat. to plant the seeds of what you are growing.

Aquarius sign is “Dli” in Hebrew דלי, represents the receptacle of Divine light, pertaining to us. Our ability to allow in the Divine light / Universal Abundance / The All pervasive creative Intelligence power of creation, and do Divine\God/ess will through us, after all we are instrument of the Divine, We are Divine Design !

The Dli / Receptacle is the Hidden Challis we have been looking for generations outside of ourselves, It is within us !

By taking in and receiving the blessings that shower upon us, we are actually carrying out Universe/God’s will. By our being and deeds we change our path/destiny, into a new trajectory.

By receiving the blessings we are fulfilling the Will of God/ess, the Universe. By receiving and giving, we allow ourselves to be in the designed purpose, us being the river of life, the flow / currency (Money=currency)

By Maintaining the flow of abundance in whatever form it shows up, we become the magicians willing the forces of nature, “Seducing the powers of Nature”, then all nature is obliged to fulfill our will, כפוף

Our Body is the vehicle of our souls. Our body is the expression of the soul in this journey. Expressing your inner “Neshama” =
נשמה = Soul, is the product of divine wisdom.

Each soul / Neshama, is a unique expression of the Divine, the whole oceanic divinity is expressed in one drop, Like a hologram, the Macrocosm is contained in the Microcosm.

Each seed contains in it the innate potential awaiting the fertile grounds to germinate and flourish, It is your thoughts that you choose to feed which is the nourishment of the seed, that will crack the shell open and enable the tree to be expressed. The tree was always there in a dormant form, You Are All That Is.

The tree of life is the bridge between heaven and earth. We are of both realms. We are Human Divine that vertical axis which is the spiritual aspirations, and of the Human Animal realm, the horizontal plane, Inhabiting the planet and giving our fruit to benefit (or not).

In Kabbalah, the tree of life is actually upside down, Where the roots are planted in the heavens, taking the nourishment from the celestial universe. The fruit are giving to the earth.

Give Selflessly, Live fully, Plant for others and yourselves, be intelligently selfish knowing you are doing this for the benefit of all.

Plant today and tomorrow the new ideas you are wishing to manifest, make a ritual by planting your written words under a plant or a fruit tree to give back to the planet. and Thrive !