World creations: Sanskrit and Hebrew different origins etymologically. Both ancient culture, both sacred languages, with power of creation embedded within. One syllable can alter meanings and world creation. See below. Have a most glorious day Magicking all that you desire!

Sadika (Sanskit) =Tzdika (Hebrew) = Meaning: Initiator/Righteous Woman

HaHatunah (Sanskrit) = HaChatunah (Hebrew) = Meaning: 
The Marriage ceremony

Tirani Lah Kan Tam (Sanskrit) = Tirania, Loh, Kahn, Tam (Hebrew) = Meaning: Mayhem/Chaos No (more) Here, Finish.Complete

Ahadi (Sanskrit) = Ehad (Hebrew) = Wachad (Arabic) = Meaning: we are one with All That Is

Pa Da Om Ma (Sanskrit) = Padah Umah / Pada Oh Ma? = Delivered Nations (God/Divinity) / Delivered or What ? đź™‚

Ana Yah Taun (Sanskrit) = Ana Yah Taun (Hebrew) = Please (Hear Us) Yehova / God, Loaded / Poised with power

and much more…

Blessings to all on this auspicious day. 
Hari Aum Tat Sat