Making a Difference (4 paragraphs story):***Millions of starfish glistening in the full moon, dying on the beach, following a high tide. An old person walking, contemplating on the beach late, noticing a small silhouette behaving rather oddly.

Reaching a young man bending over, searching for something intently. Picking carefully one of the starfish, bring it close to its mouth, whispering something to it. Suddenly throwing it into the ocean deliberately with great force.This strange display repeating itself every minute.

The old man exclaiming: “what on earth are you doing?” The young man answering:happily “I am saving the starfish”. Diligently, the young man repeating his actions.

The old man ridiculing: “You fool, this is FUTILE ! There are millions of them. You can NOT make a difference”. The young man carried on, contentedly hurling another starfish into the ocean, calmly turning, smiling he say: “IT JUST MADE A DIFFERENCE TO THIS ONE ! “

Who are you making a difference with? Even when all around you appear to be confronted by you stands? Start with your own self, move on to strangers in the street by smiling at them, then take bolder steps, send love to all HumanUnity.

I know this is easier said then done at times. When we have a reaction, that is only ego trying to protect an “illusion” of “self”.It is only saying, hey this is an opportunity to respond newly.

Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

Image may contain: night, outdoor and water
Image may contain: night and water