Together we heal / save our planet!
1 Love IS Peace. Only 1 Human-race (race=social construct) 
2 Celebrate our expression plethora, different cultures
3 Marvel & honour our HumanUnity. 
4 Practice “No-boundaries” = redefines experience. 
5 Embrace all sentient “Divine-Design ” Beings. 
6 Be the change you desire to see. 
7 Smallest gesture, contributes to our planet’s enhancement. 
8 Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !

*Dance, Pray, Meditate, do Sex Magic, whatever you need to do Take Action Now! Even intending love & rain on the burning “lungs of the Earth” the rain forest. All prayers contribute ! Thank you for making a huge difference!

The Lungs of the Earth, Rain Forests, provide world’s 20% oxygen! 1.5 football field burnt every minute of day, every day ! More then 72,000 fires blazing in the Amazon. WE must do something NOW to save our precious planet.

80% increase to 2018 fires. Smoke covering Brazil (which is huge) Peru & Paraguay. Of course the governments blame others Its not about blame anymore, its about what are we, living elsewhere in the globe, doing about this ! What are you going to do? Whatever you do, even in intention will benefit our precious planet.

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