You are the flame that ignites All. You actually have all within you. At times we would highly benefit form having a Spiritual Tourist Guide / Guru / teacher, someone to “shade light on the path”. to ignite that which is already within !

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It is as if we are a candle our bodies are the wax candle, Out “Shushumna” the inner channel is the candle-wicks (thread). The breath or presence of an initiator, such as a master / teacher / guru / initiator, is the “Shakti-Pat” the transmission of energy that ignites all awakening processes within the SELF, It is a transmission that is incomprehensible in ordinary words.

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Using the analogy of igniting a gas cooker ring, where the teacher/Mater/guu/initiator is the lit up match, and the souls of individuals beings are being ignites as the match flames reaches or a breath assist the flame to “go around”.

The practice of “Tratak” is very simple and one of the first meditations we do naturally, gaze into the flame, so much is than activated within your brain and releases wisdom and insights.

We are one, every time we breath in, we breath each other, and ancestors, every time we breath out we surrender and create.

Breath connects us ALL, to all that was and will be.

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow !
Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love & THRIVE !