Learn to soar high, yet be grounded in “realities” you are creating. As if you are a kite, flying high, you are the string, and you are the hand guiding the kite and releasing the string. The string is your connection to realities and grounding. You are in control and you are enabling yourself to fly high.

The kite is your potential released. The hand releasing is you consciously and subconsciously working together to release your unlimited potential safely. Without the reality grounding string and the anchoring guiding hand you cannot fly high safely.

Shift your perspective to a different vantage point. Most of us look from within the feelings, stepping into our usual “shit” from a worms eye view, we can only perceive the misery, the survival and struggle.

Take a breath, exhale consciously, intending to “transcend” above our circumstances, freeing and liberating our minds and perception ill liberate and transform our whole experience.
As if we are taking flight, becoming a soaring birds eye view. Now we can see the whole picture, past, present and future all occurring simultaneously, it is all happening in the present moment. We then really KNOW.

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow !

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Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love & THRIVE !

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