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With TantrikArchitekt Hanna Tantra Katz

Say YES to a thriving life you were meant to have: full of vibrancy, orgasmic energy, wellbeing and love! It is the art of honouring sexuality, and the yoga of relationships.

We are complex, multi-dimensional beings with untapped innate “superpowers”. The seeming contradictions and paradoxes of the external world all exist within us and are the source of our thriving force. At first it may appear the source of all chaos, but when you learn to integrate mind, body and soul, through the Tantric approach, you can manifest magic in your life, right here and now.

Tantra is a way of being. It teaches us to become the master of our own life, skilfully directing and enhancing it.
Simply put, Tantra incorporates three major spheres:

  • Relationships (the feminine and masculine divine aspects)
  • Sacred Sexuality (honouring the physical embodiment of the divine)
  • Spirituality (enlightenment, self actualisation)

How can Tantra improve upon your life? It can teach you to:

  • redefine sex as you know it
  • awaken your playfulness and aliveness
  • embrace all aspects of your being and human expression
  • awaken deeply rooted wisdom within you
  • cultivate your multi-orgasmic abilities in every aspect of life
  • activate and harness your Kundalini (our life force energy) and bring vitality
  • transmute raw sexual energy into a refined expression of Love and rejuvenation

In other words, Tantra is the doorway to your self-actualisation.

The “side effects” of practicing Tantra are plentiful:

  • deep intimacy
  • bliss-filled thriving life
  • healing
  • connectedness
  • profound Love
  • fulfilling relationships, and much more

When we honour ourselves and others as the physical embodiment of the divine, we nourish our hearts’ yearnings. When we open up to new realms of passions, we awaken to the true essence of our being.

Tantra teaches us to become the choreographer of our life and how to utilise our latent universal creative energy, propelling our lovemaking a divine communion, transforming every aspect of our life into a transcendent, bliss-filled experience beyond time and space.

During this fun-filled, captivating workshop, Hanna will engage and give you direct experience, integrating your mind, body and spirit with exercises that initiate playful connections and honouring rituals.

About Hanna Tantra Katz

ExtraOrdinary Tantra Coach, Psycho-Sexual Therapist Relationship & Empowerment Coach and Film producer & Author, Hanna Tantra Katz has been practising and teaching Tantra for over 5 decades.

Teaching Tantra globally, Since 1998, in workshops and retreats and now online. For 23 years, she has been combining her vast Tantric experience with her psycho-sexual therapy background and Kabbalah heritage in her coaching work with individuals and couples.

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