Singles Journey – Weekend Workshop

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Our Singles workshop gives a direct
experience of tantra and tantric energy in
a fun and safe way.
Hanna Tantra Coach unique workshops
offer a warm and safe environment.
These progressive weekend workshops
provide an intensive practice of tantra.
Singles workshops is suitable to all
individuals. There is no explicit sexual
activity in the workshops.
We also offer monthly or weekly individual
coaching to support your ongoing practice of
This is invaluable for support on the tantric
path if you do not have a partner.

“Transcendence teaches you how to open
your heart.
Life becomes richer.”CH

You will learn to:
• Become ecstatic & blissful
• Experience joyous & orgasmic
expansive states
• Transform raw sexual energy into a
refined expression of Love
• Be in total harmony and bliss
• Meet each other as Divine beings;
as Gods and Goddesses
• Balance male and female energies
within ourselves
• Integrate sexuality and spirituality
• Connect, heal and transform
• Enhance your relationships and life
• Achieve what you truly desire
• Recreate your life & clear karma
• Realise your uniqueness
• Energy and Intimacy
• Receiving Love
• Living in bliss & Much more

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