The invitation:  Being / Embodying Playful Gift of Love

Day 10 Practices:

1. Feast the Senses: (1 Hour +)

Presenting gifts, smells, taste, sounds, touch & most important ingredient: playfulness !

2. Yoniversal-Gazing: (21 minutes +)

Meditate upon the Gateways to the YouniVerse / enlightenment, though the beloved. 

3. Affirmation / Mantra:

“Pat Pat Pat” (whispered while offering delicacies as honouring) (1 minute+)

“Aum Chamunde Jai Jai Vashyakari Sarvah Satvanmah Swaha” (invoking powerful energies, attracting the person of our choice!) (108 upto 1008 times)


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Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra

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