The invitation: Being Infinite Love – Ani Ahava Ein Sofit- אני אהבה אין-סופית

Day 11 Practices:

1. To Infinity & Beyond: (2 minutes to 42 minutes)

Meditating on the infinite-ness miraculous being that you are. 

Intentionally create the figure of 8, sign of infinity, connecting at all chakras, between you, your beloved, others and the universe. 

You can visualise, use the breath, move the body and make sounds, integrating subtle energies in the body. 

For creating Soul-Mate meditation, suitable for individuals and love partners, YouTube Link Here.

2. Affirmation / Mantra: 

“Para Brahma” (1 minute to Infinity)

Breathing in “Para” = Beyond the beyond (inspiration: taking God within)

Exhaling “Brahma” = Supreme Creator of All Existence (Expiratus, Surrendering to Who you really Are)

“I Am Infinite Love” = Ani Ahava Ein Sofit (1 min to Infinity) אני אהבה אין-סופית


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Enjoy the journey and Thrive, Rising in Love.

Love and Blessings. Namaste

Hanna Tantra Coach

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