Crown Chakra – Shri Yantra Nava Chakra
Beyond Duality, Union Consciousness, At One With All That Is, One with the Uni-Verse.

The highest tantric symbol is depicting the union of the feminine and masculine principles and the source of all existence at the center point, the Bindu. It is the symbol of the wisdom goddess Tripura Sundari, the goddess of the three realms, also known as Lalitha.

Meditating on the Shri Yantra, the holly wheel, divine instrument, can help to self-realize. The Shri Yantra is comprising of nine interlocking triangles that emanate from the Bindu, the meeting place of the manifest world of phenomena, physical realm and the unmanifested full potentiality.

The five large downward pointing triangles represent Shakti,.the feminine aspects. The large four upward pointing triangles represent Shiva, the masculine aspects.

The weaving of the nine (Nava) large triangles create forty three smaller triangles representing the whole yoniverse, the cosmic womb. It is the symbol of the Advaita tantra, the non dual path of Oneness. It is also one of the symbols for the “eighth chakra”, the energy bodies. The nine worlds represent the wisdom goddesses.

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