The hidden Guru Chakra, Also referred as the Fourth Eye. Awakening the Inner Guru. It is said that those born with a mark on the Fourth Eye have special insights and are called Maha Kali (female) or Maha Kala (male).The Nirvana, the Supreme Godhead or the Bodhini – Awakened Consciousness Chakra.
It is connected to spiritual dimensions and planes of consciousness beyond and above the separate individual self. It is the place where we receive spiritual and intellectual revelations from higher planes of existence. It is in the Cave of Brahama, the space inside the brain associated with the Pineal gland. It is also known as the Brahmarandha chakra. At death, the spirit leaves the body through a tiny hole at the top of the head. It is activated when you are genuinely in touch with your own inner Guru.
A sub-Chakra to the Seventh – Crown. Located between the
Nirvana – lower, and Sahasrara – higher, Crown chakras.
The Nirvana, the Supreme Godhead or the Bodhini – Awakened Consciousness Chakra. In Tibetan Buddhism it is called Swabhavakaya – Absolute Self-Nature. In Taoism it is
referred to as the One Hundred Meetings – Bai Hui, Kun Lun
Mountain (the highest peak of heaven).
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