This simple yet profound practice brings deeper levels of communication & acceptance between love partners.

Side Effects: Deeper love & sense of security, unconditional acceptance, open communication, healed uncommunicated past issues

Method / the How:

  1. Value & Appreciate: What do you value & appreciate in the beloved?
  2. Sharing New Information:  from mundane dental appointment to a secret you never vocalised
  3. Puzzles & Clarifications
  4. A) Requests: clear, free from accusatory blame, shame, humiliation & manipulation!
    B) Acknowledge the request you heard & considering it, accept, decline or make a counter offer
  5. Express gratitude to the beloved
  6. Namaste & “Tantric Kiss” 3rd Eyes touching
  7. Tuning In to each other
  8. Deep bow, laying the ego

Tantra is the yoga of relationships

Couples “Tantric Daily Temperature Reading” guided video

Enjoy the practices & thrive !

Music used:

  1. The Ritual by Al Gromer Khan
  2. Refuge by Vas