Sitting on the Roof meditating is a wonderful way to escape “reality”. This is the error in thinking, Avoiding dealing with “reality” is delaying and creating more anxiety, more pain that take even more effort to suppress. Read on, full of gems !

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The transpersonal levels of unity-consciousness cannot be attained if we have not taken care of finances, relationships, all the basics, that are the foundation of our existence in this temporal “reality”. (see Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)

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Before we go up to sit on the “roof” and meditate upon the heavens, take stock of the lower “floors / rooms” of our existence. Is our basement clear, from our past? Are all rooms have space and clean or are they stuffed and the only place for us is the roof?

What can we let go and make room for the new to come in? We cannot bring in more “stuff”, chattels or ideas as a way of accumulating, in vain attempts in order to numb our dissatisfaction, our sense of “unworthiness”.

Each level of our being represents the “floors” or “Rooms” of our “house”, the “Temple” of our souls, also the “vehicle of transformation of our souls”. Our body is the “building shell”.

The deep foundations routed in our ancestral imprinting, our heritage, the “legs”.

The basement is our base chakra, the physical level our being, sexual life force energy emanates from there.

Our creative centre, the “studio” / Home Office, located in the belly, is the second chakra. Were we create life or “things” to improve life. Life HAS to emerge and express itself through our creations and contributions.

The emotional level of our being, third chakra, where we feel safe or not. Deeply routed is the Joy of the soul, our “umbilical cord” connection to the collective “ONE soul”. It is our power centre and our playfulness. Often either in or out of balance. You know the truth of your being.

The “Real” Mind.centre, our heart chakra, forth chakra. It is a psychological seat of our being. Acceptance or hurt. In the LOVE and acceptance or withholding.

The Throat chakra centre, fifth chakra, is the transformation centre in each “house” / being. The command centre, the “AI integrated into the rooms or interactive intelligent lighting, sound heating etc. Where we express the “Intelligence” level of our being, where we (can) speak our truth, change Karma, heal and integrate our masculine issues.

We function in a word that is predominantly masculine rather then integrating, harmonising and celebrating both aspects with inner marriage of masculine and feminine attributes.

The current world reality that gives more credence to masculine attribute, you can observe in intellectual pursuits. Where there is a real missing in honouring the body, energy, sexuality, due to social taboos. Thus cultivating hidden obsessive addictive behaviour which does not serve the individual nor the world. what we forbid becomes more alluring and obsessive.

In the throat chakra, we change Karma, we have the oppertunity to speak the “Truth” that will benefit ALL. Our words have the power to create or destroy.

The “Third Eye”sixth chakra, Is about Wisdom, consciousness, Intuition, Knowing. It is the “roof” of the house ! You can rest there in meditation when you know all is taken care of and it is safe. Existence supports you even if it is not evident, what you are “experiencing” right now, is just within our own perception.

Our experience of the now is the results of our past thinking. 
Change your thoughts, you change your reality. The thought is the cause. Experience is the result, the effect. The “symptoms” show us the errors in thinking we have indulged in that did not serve. Now it is time to take new actions.

The Crown chakra is the beyond the roof top, it is the world! It is Unity consciousness, It is existence itself. It is y/our spiritual home.

Remove your limiting believes that do not serve your. Clean your house ! Literally, throw away old papers, gets your space cleared and new will come tumbling in. 
You are already here, simply stop complicating and enoy this magical existence. . 

Live the Life You Love, Live Out Loud & THRIVE !