I practice Hanna’s teachings every single day since I know her for the last 5 and a half years.
I find Hanna’s work fascinating!
Her practical translation to tantra is the most accurate for me.
She dares to touch places where most teachers avoid.
Her work is very profound and affects all levels – the conscious, the subconscious, mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, spiritually, the personal, the transpersonal, you name it.
The embodyment of her trainings last for a very long time if not for eternity.
Hanna has such a vast experience and so much knowledge and techniques that each experience with her can provide trainings for several months!
I am very connected to Hanna.
Just being in her presence opens my consciousness and gives me a lot of inspiration and insights.
Most of my enlightenment moments were thanks to Hanna and her trainings.
As a tantra teacher and as a practitioner of personal development, I got the most from my trainings with Hanna more than any other teacher I experienced.
Working with Hanna made me a better facilitator, a better partner in life and in general a better person 🙂
Thank you Hanna!
I wish all to enjoy your gifts