“It was through befriending Hanna that night that I was given a first hand experience of what it meant to take a “leap of faith”. That night I was made aware that NYC is where I needed to be at the time to reach a new level of joy and self expression in my life and career. I know she can help you find the same. I highly recommend checking out Hanna’s work. Thank You Hanna for the inspiring work.

My Soul yearned to be around people who felt they too were consciously undergoing an awakening process. One day, a group…popped up. Soon I found myself sitting in an…circle on the 2nd floor of Namaste book store in Manhattan. We were given a talk from one of the groups facilitators on relationships.

During the talk a woman sat down to my left. She looked at me and smiled. I had the sense she was not an ordinary guest. As the formalities subsided she was finally introduced as Hanna Tantra Katz , a teacher of the ancient art of Tantra, and that she would be giving us a sample of her work should we decide to stay. I did.

A meeting that previously felt like your first day of elementary school turned into a physical, experiential and sometimes confronting experience. Hanna made us look at each other, feel each others energy. She encouraged us to break through our socially inherited mental conditioning and meet one another at a Soul level Here and Now.”

Adam Jaslikowski. Performer, Magician. NY, 11 Jan 2021