“So yesterday, as distanced as I could be, I went for a Tantra workshop. Doubtful, I walked into the class hoping that there will be more ladies than man, and I don’t have to practice with a man with huge mustache and heavy breath. And the main concern was not knowing what to expect, what is going to happen there?? OMG! I am going into a place and I have no idea what is going to happen!!
It happened that all people there had similar concerns, but within time and exercises that we did, everyone was discovering something for themselves. Space was sacred and it was alright not to do certain exercises.
But for me it was an evening of discoveries and wonders, discovery of appreciation, connectedness and amazing experience. Something that I thought no longer exist in the world (and I will keep it for myself) appeared in front of me, visible and tangible like a hand in front of your face. And it was touching and moving and freaking awesome!!
People who I met on the street later on, told me that I glow, that I have a first lover shine grin emoticon well do I?
Would I recommend it? YES! But don’t trust my word, check it out for yourself!
Thank you Hanna for organizing this workshop!”