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Sharing the Abundance: “Shavuot” In the Kabbalah, (Received Knowledge) “symbolises the Reception, Revelation and Possibility to use the Supreme Force of Love and Bestowal for Humanity’s Common Good and Spiritual Elevation, where everyone feels the Upper World: Eternity and Perfection” ! It is about knowing that THE LIGHT and us are ONE, We are the Light. It is about our own personal and collective Metamorphosis / growth, the evolution for the benefit of all.

From only one “grain of wheat” we can grow to feed and nourish all human-unity. Plant the seed allow it to grow and expand to bless ALL. Marking the giving and revelation of the Old Testament Bible, the Torah, Chag Matan Torah.

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It is my favourite cheese cake festival. 
Wishing you all that you desire and beyond, Nourish and Thrive with Abundance.

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