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PsychoDynamic & Light Healing Sessions with Hanna (1 hr)

Original price was: £100.00.Current price is: £75.00.

1 hour personalized healing sessions using Psychodynamic Counseling, Reiki & Colourpuncture /Colour Light & Tachyon Therapy with Hanna Tantra.


1 hr personalized healing sessions with Reiki & Karuna Master Hanna Tantra

During a session, Hanna will focus on your personal situation, introducing healing, experiential and meditation techniques to guide you to resolve any blocked energy & to provide you with new experiences & practices using Colour Light & Tachyon Therapy and Psychodynamic counseling techniques.

Hanna has more than 40 years of spiritual practice & personal growth work with professional training in Tantra, Kabbalah, Coaching, Counseling, Psycho-Sexual Therapy, Reiki, Couples Therapy to EFT, as well as many years of authentic Tantra practice. Hanna is trained in Psychodynamic Counseling & Colourpuncture (Colour Light & Tachyon Therapy) and works with light, energy and the mind to heal what needs unblocking.

To book a session, please make a payment and Hanna will get back to you to set up a good time to meet on Zoom or in-person.


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