From Sensuality, Poly…to the Divine ! Profound and well put Especially at Stage 4 sharing stages of intimacy and Unity ! “When two souls create space for the divine 
Divinity is revealed through them” ! Thank you Erez Roitburd 
“Sexual Chakras & Monogamy
As long as we live from a place of Separation
There will be a deep yearning / longing from within us for unity
When we experience separateness
We are (actually) looking to unite with something outside of us
When it comes from a repetitive thought
And we want to give it an expression
This is called vent / release
Like a mosquito bite that must be scratched
Or a one night stand

Stage 1:
A person who does not meditate or does energetic work
Experiences separateness through the lower centres
And the experience of Oneness / Unity comes through sex
In this situation we experience lack but do not know how to define it
So we look for casual One Night Stands
Again and again as a way to experience a momentary orgasm
Release, then smoke some cigarette
As a way to try to continue the momentary situation we experienced
It is the phase of lack and filling – stimulation and release / discharge

Stage 2
A person begins to learn about energies
Begins to experience unity through meditation
And the energy in the body begins to amplify 
The fire energy is awakening / growing more and more
Though since the learning is incomplete
The energy is only built up at the lower centers
And the sexual desire/drive is growing stronger and stronger
And that person suddenly feels like an energetic Hercules
And wants to discharge / dissipate that energy
More and more – because it’s just too much
Such a person will get used to the one hand
Though also will look for / seek out as much sex as possible
As a way to discharge v off load and share his fire
The orgasm though will be more powerful 
And still be one-sided
And also than there will be a fatigue feeling 
Or down after / (Anti climax)
After the first or second stages
It’s possible for that person to get fed up
To experience unfulfilling sexuality
And will try other ways of sexuality
Or temporary abstinence from sex

Stage 3
The practitioner learns to awaken / stimulate the energy
Through the heart
Suddenly love and great compassion arise
Love for everything, trees, people, to living
The wonder from this experience
Leads to the conclusion that if you can love everything
Then you can love also him and her
Therefore can copulate / sleep also with him as well as with her
And polyamory is emerging in response to this need (In this instance)

Here it is possible the practitioner may really make love through the heart
And as a desire / will to share the energy of love
That s\he experienced in the heart
And the experience can also be healing
to both parties
Mostly to the other who has never experienced before
Making love through the heart
And on the other hand
The practitioner is wasting his/her sexual energy
And does not allow himself to experience a much deeper connection

stage 4
The practitioner brings the energy to the upper / higher centres
To the third eye and to the crown
Here there is NO NEED for a spouse or partner 
Divinity is experienced throughout the whole body
There is an experience of “Unity/(partnering” with the Divine itself
Calm tranquillity and silence at the same time
That the Divine washes (through) you at any moment
At this stage, sharing love with Creation/Existence 
Though without having to sleep with everyone you love
Love is the natural fragrance
Of (the essence of) your being
Not rushing to waste the sexual energy
Intended / Designed to empower/ amplify and build the energetic body
That remains after death

At this point when the right moment comes
Relationship with a practitioner or practitioner arises
Who also decided to devote/dedicate their lives
To the Divine, to Enlightenment, to something beyond the physical dimension
Thus the relationship is an expression of expanding/developing space 
To the Divine

This is the secret of the Holy Trinity (Triangle) that is being talked about
At a Wedding ceremony (that has become something cultural)
And in many cases: incarcerating / imprisoning)
When two physical bodies come together –
baby was born
When two physical bodies merge / come together 
A baby is born

When two souls create space for the divine 
Divinity is revealed through them
Couple partnership could accelerate the process
And it can also slow us down and keep us away
From ourselves

A lot of people are hurt by couple partnership
Due to searching to fill themselves in one of the ways
And ensure that the couple unity will remain forever/ eternity
Where its core base / foundation, it was only intended to meet basic needs

Our unity relationship is always with the divine
Even if we don’t know it
And the longing is always with the “Unity”
If we understand that couplesness / marriage is a mutual journey
To internal Unity and at the same time to mutual empowerment
Than every inhalation and exhalation together
Is an act of love

Even a momentary loving look
Whilst they are sitting in a public place
Than the couple is not busy building a house together
They create together a
Sacred Temple “

by Erez Roitburd, Translated by yours truly

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