“I never knew how strong I was, until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry, and accept an apology I never received.”

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Defending our reactive points of view is like adding fuel to the fire. Being “right” may not always result in a conducive re/solution that is for the benefit of all.

Being Love all the time is not easy, it is a conscious creation, moment by moment until it is like breathing. This too shall pass, return to the innocence of being or wonder in this magical creation. Intolerance within reflected without.

Learning to enjoy (or not) my/our disturbing states is the key, not taking destructive action is an act of True Unconditional Love.

Sending Love and forgiveness to those who offended us, even asking them for forgiveness will set us free. May it work on personal social and global planes.

Especially if we “know” we are justified and “should” receive their remorse. The graceful act of forgiveness is the blessing that will set us free.

This is uncomfortable to admit on personal, social and global levels, as I/we have to look at what I contribute to escalation and how I am behaving and being i my “space” to invite the occurrences and experience I do not like (also where countries at war are concerned)

I have to look at myself, what space/clearing I am? whom I am being that the “outside” is either reflecting what I do not desire to experience and do not have to courage to own or admit I am that. I/we am/are all that is occurring in my world and realities.

Or to acknowledge that I/we have grown and this or that is no longer acceptable and I/we will not step over, nor allow this to continue and cause destruction in my/our environment.

Accepting that all that is arising within my reality, my world creation is an opportunity to grow and transcend above the reactive tendency of ego identification, taking full response-ability.

In therapies we acknowledge we have thoughts, feelings emotions etc, yet we are greater then that !

Reactions arise and experienced as Thoughts, feelings Emotions, Judgements, Projections, Memories, Body sensations. Automatic writing meditations helps clear the slate and purge, These then transform faster and naturally, when we are experiencing this in totality, (not having to act out !) it moves and transforms into another expression.

Forgive thyself for feeling a reaction, for being defensive, for having thoughts that are further from being “spiritual” and move into being Love, Remember you are ALL That IS.

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